Investments into basic capital

Investments into basic capital

Main activities and directions of investment activity are enshrined in the relevant section of the Strategy for Socio - Economic Development of the Novgorod region until 2030, which was approved by the regional law .

Businesses and organizations of the region in 2013 invested in fixed assets of 52.6 billion rubles, or 108.8 % ( 8.8% more than in 2012 ), which is a testament to the growth of investment activity in the region and increase the investment potential of the region .

There are 82 investment projects to build, modernize and expand production of large and medium-sized businesses in the investment portfolio of Novgorod Region on the 1'th of January 2014. The total volume of investment projects - 117.5 billion rubles.

The dynamics and the structure of investments into the basic capital are presented with the diagrams:

Diagram No. 1. The dynamics of investments into the basic capital.

Diagram No. 2. The structure of investments into the basic capital.

Further growth of investment in fixed assets is supposed to provide additional capital through investments in energy, agriculture, engineering, tourism industry, petrochemical industry, wood processing and trade. In these industries, plans to implement major new investment projects.

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