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Contact information

Contact information

First Vice-Governor of the Novgorod Region

Veronika V. Minina
Phone: +7 (8162) 732-327

Deputy Governor of the Novgorod region

Victor A. Nechaev
+7 (8162) 732-314

Head of the Department for Economic Development and Trade of Novgorod Region

Yevgeny V. Bogdanov
Phone: +7 (8162) 772-920, 731-344

Head of the Investment Department

Julia J. Alekseeva       
Phone: +7 (8162) 732-843, 732-367

Deputy Chairman of committee for Foresty and timber industry of the Novgorod Region - Head Administration fees for the use of forests

Vasiliy V. Naumov 
Phone: +7 (8162) 770-475

Chairman of the department for Agriculture and food of the Novgorod Region

Vadim V. Kojemakin       
Phone: +7 (8162) 774-768

Chairman of the department for Construction and public road system of the Novgorod Region

Vladimir D. Petrov  
Phone: +7 (8162) 731-245

Head of the department for Culture and Tourism of the Novgorod Region

Marina N. Pantelejchuk 
Phone: +7 (8162) 636-022

Cheif of the State regional budgetary institution "Development Agency of the Novgorod Region"

Sergey V. Slupitskiy       
Phone: +7 (8162) 731-315

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Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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