Investment sites of Novgorod region

Investment sites of Novgorod region

To secure the rational approach to the usage of land resources for industrial and real estate building we have created and now keep up to date the Novgorod Region Free Investment Plots database, which includes over 500 plots belonging to different administrative entities.

The list of priority investment plots is available below. You can also download the register of vacant investment sites of Novgorod region.

Familiarize yourself with land legislature and infrastructure information of the Novgorod region.

List of priority investment sites of Novgorod region

Area (ha):  to 
Gas supply:
Electric power supply:
Water supply:
Type of property:

Velikiy Novgorod

Batetsky district

Borovichsky district

Chudovsky district

Demyansky district

Kholmsky district

Khvoynensky district

Krestetsky district

Lyubytinsky district

Malovishersky district

Marevsky district

Moshenskoy district

Novgorodsky district

Okulovsky district

Parfinsky district

Pestovsky district

Poddorsky district

Shimsky district

Soletsky district

Starorussky district

Valdaisky district

Volotovsky district

Facility placement request

We can help you choose investment site and place your facility. Download and fill the investment intention form, then send it back to us.

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