Investment proposals

Investment proposals

Building development of the «Viking Park» hotel and restaurant complex as a part of construction Ryurikovo Gorodische museum and tourist attraction area

Investment proposal also available as a booklet (Russian).

Construction of coal briquettes and charcoal production facilities

Construction of coal briquettes and charcoal production facilities.

Development of production section №3. Project «High Voltage»

Cage furs production “Soletskoye zverokhozyaystvo” LLC (Soltsy Fur Farm)

Construction of brick plant and cottage suburban settlement housing development

Construction and tapestry brick, paving tiles.

Canning factory restoration

Creation of economically independent profitable production enterprise. Restoration of existing facilities, acquisition, delivery, setup, assembly of production lines and hardware for processing, freezing, canning, packaging of vegetables, fruits, and various wild growing materials.

Cabinetry production setup

Development of the operations base for timber processing.

Development of basic technology and creation of unified range of domestically produced chip-version of radio-frequency coils for printed surface-mount assembly and use in hybrid IC and modules R&D namecode «Prioritet» (Priority)

The target of the work is the development of basic technology and its implementation in mass production of unified range of domestically produced electromagnetic components - chip-version of radio-frequency coils for replacement of imported radiotechnical units.

Yubileynyi town power plant development, Khvoynaya district, Novgorod region

Power plant development, acquisition, assembly and startup works.

Poultry, hog and cattle farm waste processing and fertilizer production plant «Agorovit-Kor»

Sports and recreation center

Production, distribution, and service setup of TSK-S heat meters

Expansion of biological treatment plant drying grounds, Staraya Russa

Due to complete deprecation of biological treatment plant to provide minimum restoration it is necessary to develop and additional drying ground, dehydratation section, and replace two airblowers.

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