Investment passport of Borovichsky district

Dear investors and business representatives!

Borovichi district, one of the most intensively developing districts of the Novgorod region, is characterized by advanced industrial and social structure.

In the conditions of market economy the main role in the district's development is played by the investment policy, the key idea of which is attracting the investors to advancing the development of our territory. The investment activity is one of the key factors that define the economic situation in the district.

The administration of the district would be glad to welcome the implementation of the new investment projects and is looking to cooperate with all potential investors. We guarantee creating the most beneficial conditions for business development: aid in acquiring land and coordination of efforts with other government and district institutions in reviewing and discussing investment projects aimed at long-term cooperation.
Our main goal is the prosperity of our homeland, and comfort to live and work in our district, and therefore, we are always open for dialog and mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas of business, both for domestic and international enterprises. And we will do anything possible to secure the comfortable and profitable business development for our potential investors.

Our district possesses plenteous cultural traditions, developed economics and immense investment potential. Contact us, ask us, offer us! We are open for everyone with ideas and ready for meaningful dialog! We are ready for contact and cooperation!


Historical information

Borovichi district was formed October 10, 1927. History of the Borovichsky region is closely linked with the name of the Great Russian commander A. V. Suvorov. At 35 kilometers from the town there is the village Konchansky-Suvorovsky, where he was in exile from May 5, 1797 to February 6, 1799, it was here he went to the famous alpine march. The culture preserve of A.V.Suvorov works here since 1942.

Here the well-known composer A.K.Liadov liked spending summers. The Festival named Liadov is held in the town for many years. The Borovichi land is associated with the researcher and traveler N.N Miklukho-Maclay, the writer V.Bianki , who called this land  as "Wonder Land" for its beauty, and the artist Nicholas Roerich.

Borovichi was given the town status by Catherine the Great at May 28, 1770. In April 1772 the Senate approved the plan and the emblem of Borovichi town.

Industrial development of the town is connected with the production of refractory bricks, which started in seventies of the XIX century. In 1851 after Nikolaev railway opening the value of the river Msta as water transport artery, was lost, and the development of refractory industry has become a new landmark in the town history. The large deposits of lime, iron pyrites, brown coal and fire clay were discovered near Borovichi. In 1786 at the mouth of the river Kruppa, that is the Msta tributary, the first lignite-mining gallery in Russia was constructed. In 1855, not far from Borovichi, Nobel established the first factory of refractory products.

The town hallmark is a metal arch bridge, built in 1905 by the project of Russian engineer and scientist N. A. Belelyubsky connecting Trade and Spasskaya sides.

Geographical description

As of January 1, 2012 Borovich district population quantity amounted to 68,576 people. Area is 315.5 km². Density of population is 22,1 people per 1 square km. The district includes 1 urban settlement and 10 rural ones. There are 324 populated localities. Administrative center of Borovich district is the town of Borovichi founded in 1770. Its area is 45.4 km². Population quantity in the town as of January 1, 2012 amounted to 53,383 people, employable population is 40 thousand people. Borovichi town population density is 1182.8 people per 1 km².

Administrative center Borovichi town, second town in Novgorod region, is located in its eastern part on Valday hills.

Borovich district is located in eastern part of Novgorod region 176 km from Velikiy Novgorod. Transportation availability from the district center Borovichi to the regional center Velikiy Novgorod amounts to 194.5 km.

Railway connection is realized on feeder of Oktyabrskaya railway Borovichi-Uglovka of 31.5 km long with the pass to connection Moscow – Saint Petersburg.

Borovich municipal district territory is crossed with 630 km of automobile roads of regional significance with the pass to federal highway Moscow-Saint Petersburg. The main directions are Kresttsy-Okulovka-Borovichi, Spasskaya Polis’-Malaya Vishera-Lyubitino-Borovichi, Volgino-Khvoinaya, Ustyuzhna-Valday.

Natural resources

Soils of Valday hills are characteristic of high quantity of round stones. It is necessary to clean fields of stones.

Improvement of lands of Borovich district is enabled with reclamation works: drainage, stone removal, brush eradication, mound shaving. Heart of soils is increased due to organic and mineral fertilization, soil liming.

Non-favorable natural processes and phenomena on the district territory should include:

  • Relief complexity; rough surface, carriers, sinkholes formed after subsidence of top of  underground mines partially water-full, refuse dumps, modern physical and geological phenomena, all this complicates engineering and construction conditions of the territory;
  • There is more rainfall than it is spent for evaporation and drain, therefore there are many swamped places.

Minerals in Borovich district have sedimentary origin. It is explained with particularities of geological structure of the territory. Coal clays, lime stones, quartz sands, peat, brown coal have the most industrial meaning.

Coal clay deposits in Borovich district are concentrated in rather high quantity where measures of this valuable raw interstratify with thin bed seams of brown coal not having industrial value.

The largest peat deposit of Borovich district is near Tuhun village (Peredskoye rural settlement).
Sand, alluvium, clays, round stone material are wide spread within Borovich district. These materials are widely used in building, constructing roads.

The district has 3 deposits of brick tile clays for producing bricks, and also 3 deposits of quartz sands.
Within Borovich district lime stones are wide spread. Lime stones are used for ground walling, cladding of buildings, paving roads. Limestone is necessary for producing cement, construction lime. Ground lime stock is used in agriculture for liming acidic soils.

This sphere is perspective enough to continue further development of deposits.

Social description

Borovich municipal district has 36 nursery educational institutions and 19 general educational schools of all types and kinds.

Cooperation with young people and realization of basic directions of state youth policy on Borovich municipal district territory is one of priority spheres of activity. The district territory is populated with 17 thousand young people at the age of 14 – 30, which amounts to 21.8% of the total population.

Municipal district has 59 cultural institutions:

  • Cultural and recreation institutions:
    • MUK «Town cultural home»,
    • MAUK «Public creation home»,
    • MBUK «Peredskiy social and cultural complex» (Central cultural home, 2 brunch clubs, 3 libraries);
    • MBUK «Inter-settlement social and cultural association» (15 SDK, 5 rural clubs);
  • Library institutions:
    • MBUK «Inter-settlement centralized library system» (district central library, children division, 21 rural brunch libraries);
    • MUK «Town centralized system» (town central library, children library and 5 brunch libraries);
  • additional children educational institutions:
    • MBU DOD «Children art system named after A.K.Lyadov».

Fitness and health recreation work

Over 20 thousand people regularly go in for physical training and sports in 90 sport organizations and institutions of the municipal district.

The district has 119 sport buildings, among them: 2 stadiums with tribunes for 1500 places, 42 sports halls, 3 swimming pools, 37 plain sport buildings.

13 medical organizations which are independent legal entities make their activity in the district.

According to the data of Federal Government Statistical Service, the quantity of employable population for the beginning of 2011 amounted to 40108 people (57.9 percent of the total population quantity).

According to the data of labor and population employment committee of Novgorod region, employment level of municipal district during 2012 amounts to 0.4% (as of 01.10.2012 — 140 people), which is lower than the average regional indicator.

The share of population of employable age is 57.9 percent of constant population quantity, younger than employable age — 15.3 percent, older than employable age — 26.8 percent.

In the structure of employed population over half of population work at organizations of private form of ownership, about one third work at organizations of state and municipal form of ownership. Women employed in economics amount to 51.3 percent, men – 48.7 percent of the total quantity of the employed.
Employers’ requirement applied to state institutions of population employment service as of the end of September 2012 amounted to 325 people.

According to the data of Novgorodstat for 9 months of 2012, the level of average monthly salary on large and medium organizations of Borovich district amounted to 19709.8 rubles (growth rate is 114.9% of the level of analogic period of 2011). Average monthly salary in the spheres of economy is shown in the table:

Spheres of economy

Average salary for 9 months of 2012 (rub.)



Processing productions




Wholesale and retail trade


Transportation and communication


Financial activity




Medical care




As of 01.01.2012 residential fund of the municipal district amounted to 2057,2 thousand square km of the total area. The total area of residence per 1 citizen amounted to 30 square meters, including in Borovichi town — 28,5 square meters, in rural settlements — 35,3 square meters.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

Borovich municipal district economy for the years of market changes turned into mixed one with considerable role of private sector not only on the quantity of enterprises, but also on volumes of production of goods and services.

The quantity of organizations, (not considering individual entrepreneurs) according to the data of Statistical register of economic entities (Statregister of Rosstat) as of 01.10.2012 amounted to 1078 items in the district (7.1% of all the enterprises of Novgorod region). Nearly all industrial production is concentrated in Borovichi.

Processing productions cover over 90 % in the total volume of industrial production. Enterprises nearly of all basic types of economic activity are concentrated in Borovichi. Industry is represented with black metallurgy, forest and wood processing industry, food industry, mechanical engineering and metal processing, construction material industry. The most share is for black metallurgy.

Agriculture is one of the main spheres of the district economic development. Together with introducing new technologies, increasing effectiveness of agriculture productions in adjacent sectors of economy are being developed.

Forest industrial complex of the district included about 20 enterprises with the total quantity of 500 people. Forest harvesting and processing is realized mostly by small business enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

It is viable to restore commercial storage of berries, mushrooms, birch juice, fern, other forest products, and also to use forests for ecological, recreation, cognitive tourist and other activity.

The most share in industrial production of Borovich municipal district is covered with processing industry which is represented with various types of economic activity:

  • production of other non-metallic mineral products — 41.1%;
  • furniture production — 31.5%;
  • production of food products including drinks — 19.1%;
  • metallurgic production and production of finished metallic goods — 7.3%;
  • production of electric equipment, electronic and optic equipment — 1.7%;
  • pulp and paper production, publishing and polygraph activity — 2.7%;
  • others — 3.5%.

For 9 months of 2012 the volume of loaded goods of own production, implemented works and services in active prices (on large and medium organizations of the district) in processing productions amounted to 9586 million rubles (107.6% of the level of analogical period of 2011).

The largest enterprises of the municipal district realizing their activities on the municipal district territory are represented in the table.

Name of organization

Main type of economic activity

Mail address

Director’s name, contacts

JSC «Velgyskaya bumazhnaya fabrika»Paper and carton production174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Kommunisticheskaya st., 20Chernikov Viktor Viktorovich
Phone: 48-259        
Fax: 48-263
CJSC «Borovichsky kombinat stroitelnykh materialov»Ceramic brick production174409, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Zagorodnaya st., 38Bulgakov Aleksey Alekseyevich       
Phone: 48-265        
Fax: 48-264, 48-268
JSC «Mstator»Radio-component production174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, A. Nevskogo st., 10Danshin Nikolay Vasilyevich
Phone: 44-288,        
Fax: 44-284
JSC «Borovichsky zavod «Polimermash»Production of different machines of special purpose and their components174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, ул. Okulovskaya st., 12Vasilyev Aleksandr Nikolayevich       
Phone: 46-580,        
Fax: 46-588
CJSC «Borovichi-Mebel»Furniture production174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, S. Perovskoy st., 32Danilenko Aleksandr Vladimirovich       
Phone/Fax: 2-11-03
JSC «Borovichsky kombinat ogneuporov»Production of refractory applications174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Mezhdunarodnaya st., 1Mozhzherin Vladimir Anatolyevich       
Phone: 9-23-03        
Fax: 9-27-68
LLC «Zavod «Elbor»Production of other finished metallic goods174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Pesochnaya st., 30Kompanets Ilya Nikolayevich       
Phone/Fax: 91-600,
NOAU «Borovichsky leskhoz»Forestry174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Kommunarnaya st., 25/26Insarov Yury Mikhaylovich
Phone: 4-25-70,        
Fax: 44-760
LLC «Elegiya»Furniture production174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, ул. Zheleznodorozhnikov st., 22Nikitin Andrey Anatolyevich
Phone/Fax: 2-10-10
CJSC «Borovichsky myasokombinat»Production of meat semi-finished and sausage products174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Sovetskaya st., 126Kuzmin Vladimir Aleksandrovich       
Phone/Fax: 4-35-35
JSC «Demetra»Production of bread and pastry of undurable storage174000, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Tranzitnaya st., 1Lobov Viktor Leonidovich    
Phone: 4-07-68,        
Fax: 4-11-82
CJSC «Proizvodstvennaya kompaniya «Korona»Production of frozen semi-finished products174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Kolkhoznaya st., 2Savenkov Viktor Vasilyevich       
Phone: 48-331,        
Fax: 48-336
JSC «Borovichsky molochny zavod»Milk processing174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Leningradskaya st., 65Fomina Svetlana Nalbiyevna
Phone: 2-86-00,        
Fax: 2-80-88
LLC «Smena-komplekt»Production of furniture and wood goods174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Rabotnitsy st., 2Sorokin Sergey Vyacheslavovich       
Phone: 2-37-10,        
Fax: 2-38-74
CJSC «Upravleniye mekhanizatsii-282»Construction of buildings and facilities174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Goncharnaya st., 12Semyonov Mikhail Aleksandrovich       
Phone: 2-19-66,        
Fax: 2-08-77
LLC «Stroitel»Construction of buildings and facilities174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Metallistov st., 26Nikonov Sergey Nikolayevich       
Phone/Fax: 2-16-44
LLC «Severo-zapadnoye montazhnoye upravleniye «Gidromontazh»Construction of buildings and facilities174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Moskovskaya st., 113vBusygin Andrey Aleksandrovich       
Phone/Fax: 4-07-74
LLC Branch «MP ZhKKh Novzhilkommunservis» «Vodokanal g. Borovichi»Water and steam production and distribution174411, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Parkovaya st., 2Tverdokhlebov Yury Ivanovich       
Phone/Fax: 4-04-13
LLC Branch «MP ZhKKh Novzhilkommunservis» «Borkommunselservis»Communal services (heat energy production)174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, Mekhanizatorov st., 13аYakovlev Igor Leonidovich  
Phone: 46-499,         
Fax: 46-501
Trust «Borovichimezhraygaz» JSC «Gazprom-gazoraspredeleniye V. Novgorod»Heating gas distribution174400, Novgorod region, Borovichi, ул. Tranzitnaya st., 18Vasilyev Yury Gennadyevich
Phone: 4-01-30,
Fax: 4-82-51

Investment potential

Competitive advantages of the municipal districts for long-term perspective may include the following:

  1. Favorable geographic location:
    • Relatively close availability to ports, airports and customs terminals of North-Western federal region of the Russian Federation;
    • location in «infrastructure corridor» between two largest Russian agglomerations of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  2. Considerable natural resource potential:
    • absence of wide land resources;
    • completeness of resources for construction industry;
    • presence of peat reserves;
    • rich forest resources;
    • various non-metallic minerals.
  3. District economy diversification.
  4. Developed transportation network.
  5. Leading role in the district economy and budget formation is realized by industrial production complex..
  6. Rich and various tourist and recreation resources (unique historical and cultural potential).
  7. Extensive telecommunications system.
  8. Absence of administrative barriers, striving of state authority and local self-government bodies for regional economic growth.

Administration of the municipal district is always ready for appearing new investment projects. Priority spheres for attracting investments are:

  • production industry;
  • agricultural industrial complex;
  • communal infrastructure;
  • residence construction;
  • construction of children nursery institutions;
  • tourism development.

Any investor which wants to realize his project on the district territory will be supported in all spheres, including support in registering land area, receiving permission documentation, utility hook-up. On any step of project realization it is possible to use any form of support: information, organization, financial (in the form of reducing payments on regional taxes).

To increase investment attractiveness of the municipal district, stabilize positive changes in dynamics of investments in fixed assets it is planned:

  • attraction of financial resources for realizing considerable investment projects, development of business contacts with financial and credit institutions;
  • interaction of local self-government bodies for cooperating investors in realizing investment aims, assistance and monitoring of investment projects important for district economy;
  • using competition advantages of the district characterizing its attractiveness to provide external resource inflow;
  • monitoring and analysis of investment processes in the district for creating unified information base of investment projects on the portal of Administration of the region and on the site of Administration of the municipal district;
  • formation of free industrial sites of the district fit for locating new productions to provide the conditions of rational using land resources on locating production resources and constructing real estate objects.


Electricity supply

The main electric organization supplying the town and district is Production division «Borovich electric networks» of the brunch of OJSC «MRSK of the North-West» «Novgorodenergo».

Electricity supply is realized from Novgorod system with PS 330 kW of Tihvin and Kirish GRES. Tower center of power supplying the town and district is PS 330/110/10 kW «Okulovskaya». Electricity supply of the town and district is realized on two double-chain lines 110 kW from sub-station «Okulovskaya» through six reducing sub-stations 110/35/10 kW, 110/35/6 kW, 110/10 kW and sub-station 35 kW «Udino». At OJSC «Borovich fire-resistant plant» CHP (Central Heating and Power) (BCHP-8) mostly provides the plant’s requirements. BCHP-8 is not the center of power of town electric networks 6 kW of normal regime BCHP-8, but only of emergency regime. Total burden of the town and district during the period of maximal burdens amounts to 37 MBA.

Heat supply

Total capacity of heat supply sources of the objects of social sphere and residence fund is about 450 Gcal/hour, 29 boiler stations are working on hard fuel (coal, wood), its total ware is 76,5% and 33 boiler stations are on natural gas, total ware is 65,2 %.

The longevity of heating networks in double-tube calculation amounts to 79,7 km, total ware is over 70%. It is necessary to capitally repair chimneys, roofs of buildings and facilities. It is necessary to modernize the part of active boiler stations and transmission of old coal boiler stations into gas and pellets.

Gas supply

Gas supply for Borovichi and Borovich district is realized with natural and liquefied gas for 92%.
The level of gasification of the populated localities of the district with natural gas amounts to 10%. Natural gas is provided for the villages of Bobrovik, Progress, Proshkovo, Yogla, Opechensky Posad, Volgino, Peryodki, Pristan, Novoselitsy, Bortnik, Shibotovo, Rovnoye, Putlino, Zarechnaya, Paport, Pleso, Maluy Porog and Tiny.

To develop transportation infrastructure it is supposed to take the following measures:

  • Borovich knot transportation infrastructure development.
  • location of road service objects (motorway filling stations, stops, motels, campings and others) on roadsides of automobile roads. Location of the objects should be realized considering development of recreation and tourism objects system.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

Head of the municipal district
Kostyukhina Marina Mikhaylovna
Phone: +7 (81664) 91-208.
Fax: +7 (81664) 91-299.

Deputy Head of administration
Kondratyeva Nina Anatolyevna
Phone: +7 (81664) 91-203.

Deputy Head of administration, chairman of MPMC (Municipal Property Management Committee)
Korlenkov Viktor Aleksandrovich
Phone: +7 (81664) 91-202.
Fax: +7 (81664)91-275.

Economic committee chairman
Ivanova Olga Anatolyevna
Phone: +7 (81664) 91-280.
Fax: +7 (81664) 91-281.

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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