Investment passport of Khvoynensky district

The Khvoynaya district today is a strong and independent area of the region, holding pride in great outdoors and industrious people and paying the utmost attention to development of the industry, agriculture and minor enterprises, as well as improvement of the investment climate thanks to beneficial influence of the administrative effort on the expediting of the investment projects.

The unique location of the Khvoynaya district empowered it to keep its ecology intact. The district has no industrial giants that could pollute it. This factor, added with beautiful landscapes and climate sets perfect stage for building of network of health resorts and tourist base camps.

The Khvoynaya district is rich with resources, and the more processing enterprises are set up, the more powerful the district will become, the higher will be the standards of living. But this task can’t be solved without attraction of investments for the new enterprises. The district’s administration fully comprehends the importance of work in this direction. We created a task group in charge of attracting and maintaining investments.

The key factors of district’s investment advantage:

  • Great geographical location;
  • Developed transportation network;
  • Developed social infrastructure;
  • Absence of red tape.

The district administration is sincerely grateful to all socially responsible investors who take their part in the development of our enterprises, and we would be glad to welcome new investors to our land for fruitful cooperation.

Ivan Alexandrovich Vinogradov,
Khvoynaya district head.


Historical information

The history of human habitation in the area of the Hvoyninsky district goes throw back. Flint arrowheads found in thedistrict territory, and the ancient burial mounds indicate that there were settlements in Late Stone Age (Neolithic).

There are near 280 archaeological sites in the district. Hills, mounds, zhalniki - the ancient Slavic burial - belong to VI-XII centuries AD.

Hvoyninsky district was formed in 1927; in 1931, its administrative center was moved to Hvoynay.

Geographical description

The Khvoyninsky district is located in the northeast of the Novgorod region, the municipal center is the urban-type community Khvoynaya. The district area is 318.6 thousand km². Forests cover about 66 % of the area — 210.4 thousand hectares, the agricultural land occupy 28 hectares.

The Khvoyninsky district is located in the north-west of the European part of Russia, and borders on Leningrad, Vologda and Novgorod regions.

The railway connects it directly with Moscow (497 km) and St. Petersburg (278 km). Motor-vehicle transport connects it with the region center.

The area can truly be called Lake District, there are more than 150 large and small lakes, there are many small rivers that belong to the basin of the Caspian Sea. The largest lakes are Gorodno (1052 ha), Igor (536 ha), Vidimirskoe (492 ha), Starsky (420 hectares).

Natural resources


The district has nine promising deposits  for peat digging, where it is required the exploration activities with the assessment and calculation of reserves, including the largest: Semginskoe (reclamation has been partly conducted ) with estimated resources of about 27,113 tons; Ostrovskoye with estimated resources of about 33,070 tons, Igorevsky Mhy II with estimated resources of about 13,711 tons.


There are 7 sapropel deposits with total squart of 1914 ha. The total number of raw material resources in the district is 9741 thousand tons, and the balance one is 918 thousand tons. Projected total reserves of sapropel are 8823 tonnes.

Sand and sand and gravel material

There are four prospective areaы of sand and sand–gravel material with total estimated resources of about 27,500 m³, where the prospecting works are recommended: the site in the valley of the river Pes upstream, Bougry, Vidimirskoe, Gorodno.

There are 7 symptoms of sand and sand–gravel material with total estimated resources of about 4000 thousand m³, where a geological exploration are recommended: Brod, Suglitsa, Klepalische etc. Preliminary data suggests the possible to use raw materials in road construction.

In addition, there are two deposits, which are not accounted by the State Cadastre — Cypriya and Naloy. Stocks of raw materials are around 3300 thousand m³. According to tests, the boulder stones are suitable for making crushed stone ballast.


There are two perspective sites in Vnutovo and Uzcha. The stocks of raw materials were not determined. The prospecting work can determine are availability. Clay has moderate and middle plasticity and contains small amounts of coarse particles. It can be used for the manufacture of bricks and tiles with the thinning agent injection.

Carbonate rocks

The promising area in Spassovo is recommended for prospecting and estimating work.

Deposits and appearances of mineral paints: Ermolinsky and Ostahnovsky deposits with total reserves of 11.4 thousand tons of raw materials are not listed on the balance sheet. Tte type of the pigment is mars dark and light; it may be used for making oil painting and decorative paints.


We think it advisable to conduct prospecting and estimating work of fresh underground water for water supply in the village Zadele, st. Kushavera, v. Mintsy, v. Mintsy (Vasilevo). Drilling of wells are in v. Zadele st. Kushavera, v. Mintsy, v. Mintsy (Vasilevo).

Social description

On 01.01.2012, 15,233 people domicilly live in the Khvoyninskiy municipal area (urban population is 6253 people, rural population is 8980 people).  The population size decreases annually by an average of 200 people during last three years. In general, the demographic situation is characterized by decreasing of the natural loss of population. Deaths exceed births by 1.9 times (in 2010 — by 2.9 times).

Total number of employees is 6365 people.

For the 9 months of 2012, the average nominal monthly wage in the district was 17 490 rubles.

Health service

"Khvoyninsky Central Hospital" provides health service in the district. It includes round-the-clock and day hospital; polyclinic for 250 visits per shift, three rural medical departments, one office of GP; fourteen first aid stations and three departments of emergency. The regional children's tuberculosis sanatorium is sitiated in the district.


The educational system of the Khvoyninsky municipal area consists of 18 educational institutions including 8 schools, 8 preschools, special correctional boarding school, two institutions of additional education for children.

The secondary schools have 1371 pupils; total number of employees is 165 people, including 110 teachers.


In the Khvoyninsky district, there are 40 culture institutions, including:

  • 20 Houses of culture and Clubs;
  • 18 libraries, including 1 center library and  1 children's library;
  • the museum of local lore in the village Khvoynaya;
  • the cinema "Zarya";
  • Children's Art School.

There are 166 thousand books and 8859 readers. 177 pupils visit 8 departments of Children's Art School.

Physical Education and Sport

The district has:

  • 10 gyms; 4 gyms are located in s. Khvoynaya and 6 - in other villages;
  • 16 trainers: 6 persons work in the s. Khvoynaya, 10 persons work in other villages. There are 24  training groups with 512 persons of youth and adults;
  • municipal institution "Children's sports school", which involved 436 people.


Unemployment size at the end of September of 2012 was 53 persons, including the number of officially registered unemployed of 48 persons.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The economic structure of the district with the small and medium business is as follows: enterprises in agriculture, hunting, forestry and services in these areas is 8 %, including lumbering dranches (6 %), mining (1 %), manufacturing (5 %) , production and distribution of electricity, gas and water (4 %), construction (1 %), wholesale and retail trade (25 %), transport and communications (56 %).

The Basis of the economic potential of the district is industry, agriculture and transport.
GRP generated in the district is: in 2009 - 5.865 million rubles, in 2010 - 7.850 million in 2011, 2.121 million rubles.

Social and economic indicators of the district enterprises for 9 months of 2012 shows the positive evolution in a number of key indicators.

The production per head consists 240 thousand rubles.


For 9 months of 2012, the sales of goods produced in the whole area in the small and medium business amounted to 322.1 million rubles. (95.1 % — to the level of 2011). During the first 9 months of 2012 according to statistics the large and medium enterprises of the district shipped own production goods and carried out works and services  in the amount of 177.4 million rubles, or 88.5 % to the corresponding period of 2011. In the district, the industrial production dynamics largely determines the activity of manufacturing.

For the first 9 months of 2012, the index of production in the manufacturing area was 96.8 % to the corresponding period of 2011.

Enterprises of the Khvoyninskiy district produce the following products: lumber, sand, crushed stone, gravel, peat, dairy foods, 7 types of beer, 28 varieties of soft drinks.

Production of the main kinds of products for the first 9 months of 2012 is shown below:



Actually produced

Compared to 2011, %

OOO «Pessky LPKh»
Raw wood

thousands m³



Conifers lumber

thousands m³



Hardwood lumber

thousands m³



Fuel wood

thousands m³



Other Raw wood

thousands m³



OOO «Tekhles»
Raw wood

thousands m³



Conifers lumber

thousands m³



Hardwood lumber

thousands m³



Fuel wood

thousands m³




thousands m³



NOAU «Khvoyninsky leskhoz»
Raw wood

thousands m³



Conifers lumber

thousands m³



Fuel wood

thousands m³



ZAO «Nord»
Raw wood

thousands m³



Conifers lumber

thousands m³



Hardwood lumber

thousands m³



Fuel wood

thousands m³



Other Raw wood

thousands m³




thousands m³



OOO «Stroyindustriya»
Sand and gravel

thousands m³



OOO «Khvoynaya-khleb»









thousans dal



Soft drinks

thousans dal



Mineral water

thousands half-litres



Dynamics of production in goods and services:









Mining Operations

thousands roubles







Growth rate






Manufacturing activities:

thousands roubles








Growth rate









Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water:

thousands roubles








Growth rate









In total

thousands roubles








Growth rate









Two cooperatives, 5 limited liability companies, 1 municipal enterprise, 27 farms and about 6,000 private households engage in agricultural activity of the district.

The number of cattle of all farms categories at 01/10/2012 totaled 2234 heads or 108.2 % compared to 2011, including 1050 heads of cows or 100.5 %.

For the first 9 months of 2012, milk yield per cow in the collective farms was 3850 kg (103 % compared to 2011). FPC "Levochsky" reached the highest productivity of dairy cattle — 4938 kg.

Milk production in the agricultural organizations totaled 3,131 tons of milk, which is higher than in last year by 2.8 %, meat production was 95 tons (66 % compared to 2011). Animal production in all farm categories are as follows (to the corresponding period of last year): cattle and poultry for slaughter (live weight) totaled 177.3 tons, or 71.5 %, milk — 4058.7 tons or 103.2 %, eggs — 753 thousand units 91.2 %.

Sown area in all types of households in 2012 were 8324 ha (109 % compared to 2011), including: grains and legumes — 1715 ha, fodder crops — 5344 hectares, potatoes — 723 hectares, vegetables — 542 hectares.

Use of arable land is 50.7 %.

Forest Policy

Annual allowable cut of possible use is 521.8 thousand cubic meters, including for the coniferous — 174.8 thousand cubic meters or 33.5 % of the annual allowable cut.

75% of the annual allowable cut belong to 10 leaseholders.

Reclamation of the annual allowable cut for the first 9 months of 2012 was 33.9 %, including 56.8 % of coniferous forest.

For the first 9 months of 2012, it was made:

  • reforested work an area of 382.6 hectares, including crops on 129.3 hectares and 253.3 hectares for planting forest area.
  • paved land for forest culture - 253.5 hectares.

Small business

On October 1, 2012, 61 small business enterprises and 232 entrepreneurs, 27 heads of farms, 1 private notary, 3 private lawyer work In our district.

The number of employees in small enterprises for the 9 months of 2012 amounted to 1018 people or 16 % of total employment. Production output for the first 9 months of 2012 amounted to 1097.0 million or 30 % of the total production; volume of investments was 16.6 million rubles.

Investment potential

Investment policy of enterprises plays the grate role for performance targets.

Investment in fixed capital without rail transport enterprises including small and medium-sized businesses in all types of economic activity for 9 months of 2012 amounted to 112.3 million rubles or 76% compared to 2011.

Indicators of the ultimate goal of the development plan will be:

  • reducing unemployment rate;
  • increasing  the number of new work places;
  • employment growth in small business (in a ratio to the total number of employed in the economy);
  • reducing subsidization of the municipal budget.

Key objectives of the plan are:

  • job creation (development of small business);
  • modernization of the complex infrastructure of the area.

Mission discharge is carried out through the following strategic objectives:

  1. Growth of economic potential of the Khvoyninskiy municipal district;
  2. Development of an educational, scientific and cultural potential;
  3. Improving the area environment;
  4. A favorable social climate.

1. The following tasks provide the growth of economic potential of the Khvoyninskiy municipal area:

  • Economic diversification of the  Khvoyninskiy municipal district;
  • small business development;
  • the development of services;
  • development of market infrastructure;
  • increasing of investment attractiveness of the Khvoyninskiy municipal district;
  • improving the provision of advisory and consulting services;
  • comprehensive assessment of the quality of the existing environment  and identifying the major problems of the area;
  • better management in the settlement Khvoynaya.

2. The following tasks provide the development of educational, scientific and cultural potential:

  • Diversification development of education area by expanding the list of educational services, to create new types of educational institutions in the form of property, and the profile of education;
  • to use historical and cultural resources of the area, to ensure the safety of cultural heritage sites located in the area, to create and develop all forms of tourism;
  • to create conditions for public recreation and  tourism based on the natural landscapes of unique natural of the Khvoyninskiy municipal area.

3. The following tasks provide improving the environment of the area:

  • significant improvement of the environment;
  • to provide for the construction, reconstruction and repair of roads and highways, local roads within the municipal area;
  • development of engineering infrastructure of the Khvoyninskiy municipal district;
  • to create a favorable investment climate, to ensure the promotion of the investment potential of the area.

4. The following tasks provide formation of favorable social climate of the area:

  • to increase the average life expectancy of citizens by providing quality care and creating the conditions for compulsory and voluntary health insurance;
  • to ensure the protection of public health;
  • to ensure public safety;
  • development of social support;
  • to ensure a minimum level of unemployment;
  • development and updating of youth policy;
  • reforming housing and communal services;
  • development of municipal monitoring of existing plan implementation the  with the use of modern information technologies for system analysis and  situation control.

Strategic analysis of the socio-economic situation in the Khvoyninskiy municipal district

Prospects of strategic municipal development are oriented for detection of "growth points", their ranking, and the development of mechanisms for the resource allocation and mobilization between them and the economic entities, as well as the "black hole" of the economy of the Khvoyninskiy municipal area to be resolved.

To identify opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses of the Khvoyninskiy municipal area we carried out the SWOT-analysis.

The analysis identified the following strategic characteristics of the internal and external environment.

  • Operating companies (JSC "Nord", LLC "Tehles", LLC "Pessky FPE", Brewery "Khvoyninskiy").
  • Availability of investment areas.
  • Growth in retail sales and catering trade.
  • The agricultural enterprises take part in exhibitions and fairs.
  • It shares borders with the Leningrad and Vologda regions.
  • Railway station Khvoynaya.
  • Developed sphere of public catering and consumer services.
  • Rich mineral resources.


  • Insufficient own revenue.
  • Low competitiveness of industrial enterprises.
  • Insufficient level of investment appeal.
  • Inefficient use of public property.
  • Large depreciation of housing and communications.
  • Lack of own energy resources.
  • Reduction of professionally trained personnel.
  • Backlog of road and transport network of the area from the growth rate of the automobile fleet.
  • The high number of pensioners.
  • The excess of deaths over births.
  • Outflow of young people from the area.
  • The shortage of working professions.
  • Outflow of experienced personnel from education and science to other activities related to the lack of funding, low level of  labor remuneration.
  • Poor implementation of innovative technologies at the district enterprises.

The external environment possibilities:

  • The creation and development of new industries.
  • Growth of Russia's economic potential, the implementation of national projects and investment programs.
  • Availability of federal and regional development programs, national projects, activities of charitable foundations.
  • The increased interest to the historic sites, culture and tourism.
  • The favorable geographic location, proximity to big cities.

Threats to the environment:

  • Significant limitation of financial autonomy of the tax legislation and intergovernmental regulation.
  • Lack of connection between the growth of the state economy and the development of the district.
  • Low level of labor productivity.
  • High cost of utilities, energy resources.
  • Insufficient number of external markets for production distribution.
  • Changes of the basic values of the population to the downside.
  • Aging population, high mortality, including due to  declining  in population's health.
  • The lack of foreign investment.
  • High level deterioration of municipal infrastructure.


The district has: 29 boilers, 11 bathhouses, and the hotel for 34 persons.

Boilers provide heating  in housing, social, and public institutions, including:

  • 3 district--financed electrical boilers,
  • 3 departmental boilers for heating of housing,
  • 23 boilers of “MP ZhKKh "Novzhilkommunservis" LLC.

The heat network length in the district is 23 km.

All boilers produce 31,820 Gcal per year of thermal energy, including boilers of “MP ZhKKh "Novzhilkommunservis" LLC with 30,381 Gcal per year.

Thermal energy is used as follow:

  • 14,738 Gcal per year for heating housing.
  • 13,338 Gcal per year for heating public institutions.
  • 2,304 Gcal per year for heating other institutions.

“MP ZhKKh "Novzhilkommunservis" LLC of the Khvoyninskiy municipal district provides water supply and sanitation, it has:

  • 40 artesian wells (their deterioration is 88 %),
  • 62.3 km of water networks (their deterioration is 60 %),
  • Four treatment plants with a capacity of 1.54 thousand m³ per day (their deterioration is 49 %),
  • 16.6 km of sewer networks (their deterioration is 36 %).

Produced water per year is 416.8 thousand m³ including:

  • 175.34 thousand meters ³ for population needs,
  • 53.53 thousand m ³ for institutions and enterprises needs,
  • 187.43 thousand m³ for utility companies needs.

Fuel and energy complex

The priority guideline in the power sector is relaible and high-quality supply of electricity to consumers. JSC "Novgorodoblelektro" and the branch "Novgorodenergo" of JSC "IDGC of North-West" plan to overhaul of the air supply lines and transformer substations.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

Head of the District
Vinogradov Ivan Aleksandrovich
Phone: +7 (81667) 50-354.
Phone: +7 (81667) 50-345.
Fax: +7 (81667) 50-254.

First Deputy of the district administration Head
Novoselova Svetlana Anatolyevna
Phone: +7 (81667) 50-346.

Deputy of the District Administration Head
Grigoryev Vladimir Pavlovich
Phone: +7 (81667) 50-219

Chairman of the economic and commerce committee
Zagulyaeva Diana Anatolyevna
Phone: +7 (81667) 50-218

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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