Investment passport of Krestetsky district

Greetings, dear friends!

Let me introduce to you the Krestcy district.

Krestcy district is situated in the geographically and economically advantageous location within the Novgorod region – almost in the center of the region, along the federal road from Moscow to St. Petersburg, with the nearest railroad stations in Valday, Okulovka, And Veliky Novgorod.

The economy of the district roots in agriculture, with almost 52% of the regional meat production.

In the years 20007 and 2008, joint efforts of the regional and district administrations managed to attract two major investors: “BZRK-Belgrankorm” agricultural holding, in the form of Belgrankorm-Veliky Novgorod LLC, specializing in poultry breeding and harvesting, and Pulkovsky LLC, in form of Ustvolmsky Agroholding LLC – hog breeding complex. The implementation of these two investment projects continues and amounts for more than 8 billion roubles.

Each investment project is attended to by a district administration specialist and overseen by head of the district. Not a single investment project was left without attention, and all projects were brought to a conclusion.

Growth of consumption level, based on growing incomes and deployment of the large-scale retail networks, remains the key factor of consumer area of economics.

The trade turnover is growing annually, and in 9 months of 2012 amounted to 1.1 billion roubles, or 106,5% to the similar period of the last year. Trade turnover per person is thus, for the first 9 months of the year, 88,6 thousand roubles. As a result, in the regional consumer rating the Krestcy district holds 2-3 positions.

For first 9 months of 2012 average titular salary of the industrial workers went up 19,5% and totaled to 23,3 thousand roubles, which places the Krestcy district on the 3 place in the joint rating of the Novgorod region districts.

The Krestcy district territory is currently underused. There is still potential for development of food and processing industry based on agricultural products. The unique natural lakes on the territory of the district makes great opportunity for setting up places of health and recovery resorts and accompanying investments. The Krestcy administration is always ready for business dialog, cooperation and partnership with local entities, state structures and business representatives, because it is crucial for successful development of the territory.


Historical reference

The first mention about Kresttsy in a chronicle dates back to the year 1393. Archaeological monuments on the territory of the district confirm the beginning of its population before Christ yet. The territory of the district was part of Dereva pyatina (one fifth of the region), hundreds of Kresttsy villages and settlements were mentioned as parts of which in the year 1495. The district is connected with the names of Ivan III and Peter I, A. N. Radishchev and Velimir Hlebnikov, many well–known actors of Russian history. It is very difficult to name all the eminent people, who have been here. We can begin with the suite of duchess Olga, the troops of Dmitriy Donskoy and Mstislav Udaloy. Peter I passed here with a numerous embassy and Catherine II rode through the district. Many foreign guests passed here.

Geographical characteristics

Krestetsky district is located in the central part of the Novgorod region. On the west it borders with the Novgorod district, in the north - with Malovishersky one, in the east - with Okulovsky and Valdai districts. The district geography is heterogeneous, due to its central position between the Priilmenskoy lowland and the the Valdai Hills. The western part is the more flat and low, but the east ont is higher, hilly and riches in lakes. It is a place where many rivers, including the largest - the river Kholova - originate.

Theland disposal in water pool consists 1041 hectares. In the south-eastern part of the district there are lakes, which located in line from north-east to south-west. In all there are 37 lakes with a total area of 834 hectares, and 21 rivers with stretching 410 km. The largest lakes are: Jamno - 165 hectares, Lamer - 95 hectares, Gusino - 40 hectares. The rivers are: the Kholova - 120 km, the Moshnya - 42 km, the Nisha - 35km, the Yaymlya - 24 km. The navigable river is the river Msta, stretching for 14 km in the district.

12,874 people live In the district, 4,223 from them ltve in rural area.

The district has 137 communities that make up the four villages and Krestetsky urban settlement.
The district area is 279,063 hectares, including 1,002 hectares of the village Krestcy. Administrative center - industrial community Krestcy - is at a distance of 86 km from the regional center.

The district has a favorable transport and geographical position; it is located along the highway Moscow - St. Petersburg. The length of roads in the district is 281 km, including 50 km of regional roads, 65 km of national roads, and 166 km of the local roads.

Raw material source

The mineral resources of the district consist of deposits of gravel and sand materials and construction sands, peat, sapropel.

Total forest area is 239.4 thousand hectares, 66 % of which is hardwoods. The total timber is 38,702 thousand cubic meters, 16,139 thousand cubic meters of which is ripe and overripe wood.

Allowable prescribed cut of the district is 565.2 thousand m³, ibcluding 142.4 thousand m3 of softwood.

Social description

The level of registered unemployment went down by 0.77 percent points in the year 2012 сompared to the same period last year (2011 — 1.52 %) and it equalled 0.75 % (54 unemployed people) of the economically active population.

The situation in the employment sphere and on the labour market is formed under the influence of demographic limitations, because decrease of the quantity of constant population by the reason of excess of the quantity of the deceased over the quantity of the born people.

The nominal accrued wages of employees of enterprises grew up by 19.5 % and reached 23.3 thousand rubles during the 9 months in the year.

The administration of the district views, first of all, raising of the salaries of the employees of the budgetary sphere as one of the main directions of its activity. The salaries of all the employees of the budgetary sphere were raised by 6 % from the 1 of July of the year 2012.

Medical services are provided to the population through the state regional budgetary health care institution “Kresttsy central district hospital” for 110 beds (70 day–and–night beds, 40 day beds). The hospital consists of a polyclinic, 10 first aid–obstetric stations (in the countryside), 2 pharmacies, 2 pharmaceutical stations, an ambulance department.

There are five preschool education institutions, 4 comprehensive secondary schools. An initial professional education state education institution teaches 9 professions.

Municipal institutions of additional education of children work in Kresttsy: “Kresttsy children’s musical school”, “Centre of additional education of children”. 217 pupils learn at the music school at two departments: choreographic and musical on four specialities: piano, bayan, guitar, solo singing. Teaching in four directions is conducted at the centre of additional education: physical culture and sports, arts and aesthetics, tourism and regional studies, ecology and biology. State education institution “Centre of psychological–medical–social accompaniment”, state social service institution of the population social protection system “Nursing home for elderly people and invalids “Ogonyok” function in Kresttsy settlement.

There are three country bases for rest of children in the district: MDOU “Children’s flotilla “Parus” (“Sail”) (4 shifts in the summer period with the quantity of places for 880 children); children’s health–improvement and education camp “Gverstyanets” of sanatorium type functioning the whole year around (4 shifts in the summer period with the quantity of places for 1072 children); branch of industry children’s health–improvement camp “Serebryanyi bor” (“Silver coniferous forest” (3 shifts in the summer period with the quantity of places for 306 children).

There are 50 various sports facilities in the district, including 7 sports halls, 1 shooting range, 1 stadium, 28 sports grounds, 1 shooting gallery, 1 skiing run, 1 motorcycle run, 1 ice–hockey rink, 9 accommodated buildings of MU “Kresttsy district sports centre”.

Services are provided by culture and youth policy establishments on the territory of the district:

  • municipal culture establishment “Kresttsy intersettlement library”, which is composed of the central district library, a children’s library and 19 branches in the town and settlements;
  • municipal culture establishment “Kresttsy intersettlement culture–and–leisure system”, which is composed of the district House of culture, the district youth culture centre, cinema theatre “Rus’”, 18 clubs and houses of culture in the town and settlements;
  • municipal culture establishment “District centre of folk arts”;
  • municipal culture establishment “Kresttsy district museum of regional studies”, which has a branch — V. Hlebnikov museum in Ruchyi village.

There are 251 monuments of history and culture, of them:

  • 129 monuments of archaeology;
  • 30 monuments of architecture;
  • 92 monuments of history.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

Nowadays Kresttsy municipal district is one of the economically developed districts of Novgorod region. The quantity of enterprises, organizations and branches on the territory of the municipal equals 235.

The share of the district in the gross product of the region equals 2.6 percent, which equals 4063.0 million rubles in the money equivalent. The gross product of the region equals 315.5 thousand rubles per head.

Such industry branches are developed in the district as woodworking and light industries.

LLC “Timber–product” deals with deep processing of timber and manufacture of wall material.

The light industry of the district is represented by OSC (open stock company) “Krestetskaya strochka” (“Kresttsy stitch”) and LLC “Shag za shagom” (“Step by step”).

The manufacture of OSC “Krestetskaya strochka” is founded on keeping of the main traditions of folk art crafts, it manufactures stitched and embroidered articles: table and bed linen, women's clothes. The enterprise constantly participates in exhibitions in Velikiy Novgorod and Saint–Petersburg. Special international prize “For the high quality of the products” has been awarded to the products of the factory in New York.

LLC “Shag za shagom” specializes in manufacture of glass New year tree decorations.

There is a unique natural underground gas storage, the biggest in the North–West of Russia, on the territory of the district — Neva underground gas storing station. The area of underground gas storing occupies more than 100 square kilometres. Hundreds of millions of rubles are invested in the development of the enterprise yearly.

OSC “Lengazspetsstroy” — a building–erection organization, the prime contractor of LLC “Lentransgaz” of OSC “Gazprom”.

Agriculture constitutes the base of the economy of the district.

One of the most significant projects not only for the district, but for the whole North–West region, is putting into operation of poultry–breeding complex for rearing, killing and deep processing of the broiler meat LLC “Belgrankorm — Velikiy Novgorod” with the production capacity 42 thousand tonnes of poultry meat per year. Putting into operation of the new enterprise — “Belgrankorm — Velikiy Novgorod” — has helped to change the volumes of produced meat cardinally. Meat production equalled almost 50 thousand tonnes (or 117 % to the same period of the year 2011) for the 1 of October of the year 2012. LLC “Agroholding ”Ustvolmskiy” produced about 4 thousand tonnes of pork. Two farm work actively in the sphere of dairy cattle breeding — “Ozerki” of “Belgrankorm — Velikiy Novgorod” and SPK “Rus’”, in which a primary milk processing shop works successfully. Pasteurized whole milk enjoys high demand both among the inhabitants of the district, and in the whole region.

“Belgrankorm — Velikiy Novgorod” took an active part in realization of regional long–term target program “Development of potato–growing in Novgorod region for the years 2011-2015” in the year 2012 — potato was planted on 340 ha. We had such a big area of potato beds for the first time during the last years.

SPK “Gorki” (potato and strawberry growing) works stably and develops. New agricultural enterprise LLC “Piramida” ("Pyramid") develops production confidently, 141 tonnes of pork were produced by it.

Investment potential

The dynamics of development of the investment activity testify to the increase of the volume of investments into the basic capital owing to all the financing sources and equal: in the year 2011 —1,452.5 million rubles, during the 9 months of the year 2012 — more than 550 million rubles in monetary expression.

Inflow of investments into the sphere of manufacture was provided by enterprises of the agricultural sector.

Housing building remains one of the priority directions of investment development. 1,993 m2 of housing were commissioned in the first half–year of the year 2012 or 62 % to the level of the year 2011.

The square of all the lodging space in the district was 451.0 thousand m2 or 35 m2 per inhabitant for the end of the reporting period. 42 land plots of the total square 70,500 m2 (1.5 times more than during the same period of the previous year) were provided to citizens for building of housing.


The main source of household–drinking water supply of Kresttsy municipal district are 27 artesian wells with the total yield 2.06 l/sec. The street water–supply lines of the district are 68.5 km long.

Water is removed from consumer enterprises into water bodies or onto the relief of the ground. There are 6 biological sewage purification installations and 60.6 km of sewage networks on the territory of Kresttsy district.

The housing fund and other consumers in Kresttsy municipal district is provided with heat from 17 boiler houses.

A low and middle pressure gas pipeline passes on the territory of the district. More than 2,000 households are supplied with gas at the present time.

The consumers in Kresttsy municipal district are provided with electrical energy from OSC “MRSC Severo–zapad–Novgorodenergo” (Interregional network company North–West–Novgorodenergo”), OSC “Novgorodoblcommunelectro” (“Novgorod regional communal electro”), LLC “Novgorodskaya energosbytovaya companiya” (“Novgorod energy selling company”).

Map of municipal districts

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