Investment passport of Lyubytinsky district

In the modern-day market economics, the main task of the Lyubytino district is the perfect concordance between different businesses of the district and attraction of the additional investment sources to all areas of district economics to ensure the successful accomplishment of the district mission, which we see as follows:

Discover the depth of the district’s economic potential, with wood harvesting as the leading cluster, and ensure the high standard of living for local citizens due to the economic growth, renew the agricultural complex and attract investors to it.

The district administration puts in significant effort to achieve comfortable and effective investment climate for different directions of the district economics. Investors can always count on understanding and cooperation of the district’s administration.


Historical reference

The territory of Lyubitino municipal district at all times was included in Novgorod land areas till 1708, when it was included in Saint Petersburg county. But already from 1727 present territory of the district was divided by divisions, north-eastern part of which was included in Cherepovets county, the remaining ones were included in Novgorod county.

Already in Soviet time, precisely, in 1927 Lyubitino district was included in Leningrad region, but since the moment of forming Novgorod region, i.e. since 1944 Lyubitino district was included in it. Lyubitino district in present boundaries was founded on March 2, 1964 with Lyubitino settlement as its administrative center.

Geographical description

Lyubitino settlement is 180 km from Velikiy Novgorod, 100 km from Boksitogorsk  town of Leningrad region. The district is located on the North-East of the region, adjacent with Khvoininsk, Borovichi, Okulovsk and Malovisher districts of Novgorod region, Kirysh and Boksitogorsk districts of Leningrad region.

The district covers the area of 448,6 thousand ha and is large (second after Novgorod district) on covered territory in the number of corresponding administrative items of Novgorod region and one of low-populated districts with population density less than 3 people per 1 square km. Administratively the district territory is divided by one municipal settlement and two rural settlements.

Natural resources

Lyubitino district with Lyubitino settlement as its center is historical and cultural complex, in which monuments of archeology, ancient architectonics, territories and planning structure of populated localities, their folk crafts, abbeys and estates, memorial places connected with life and activity of famous historical personalities are included. Among represented ancient objects Lyubitino settlement and its surroundings have such unique archeological objects as group of bald mountains consisting of 47 embankments of 5-8 m high. The quantity of similar ancient constructions of different height in Lyubitino settlement surroundings is about two hundred. There is no such concentration of such monumental values not only in Novgorod region, but also all over the North-West. Taking into consideration their special importance for forming national self-conscience, archeological reserve, the only in the region, is organized on the district territory.

The most part of the territory is covered by forests, the area of forest fund is 397,3 thousand ha, water fund area is 1,9 thousand ha, agricultural lands are 25,3 thousand ha.

It is already clear from the above mentioned that the main natural wealth of Lyubitino is forest, rated wood cutting is 1 million thousand cubic meters, including pine – 307 thousand cubic m, leaves – 693 thousand cubic m. But it is necessary to note that in 2010 it was considerably harmed with hurricane on the territory of 50 thousand ha, already next year this circumstance will lead to considerable reducing forest resources, reducing their quality and will have long-term negative consequences.

Over 60 deposits and shows of minerals are explored in the district. Coal clay deposits and shows are of the main value. They are used in black metallurgy, for producing coarse and fine ceramics. Fusible clays are mainly used in construction ceramics. The district has 2 perspective areas of shows of these clays: Novoye Zamoshye and Novoye Komarovo. Clay forecast resources amount to 59 million cubic meters. In Lyubitino district 14 shows of mineral colors are explored. Lyubitino deposit of mineral colors is located 5,5 km to the North-East from Lyubitino settlement near Kremnitsa village. Reserves of mineral colors in this deposit amount to over 1 million tons.

To the North-East of Nebolchi settlement Nebolchi deposit of quartz sand is explored, which is the large raw base of glass industry in North-Western region. Nowadays Mahechinskiy area is developing. Chemical composition of sands is characterized with high concentration of earth silicon. Quartz sand reserves accounted with balance amount to over 7 million cubic m. In condition of project digging of 280 thousand cubic m a year provision of the enterprise is 28 years. Recently balanced reserves of glass sands of the region were replenished with one more deposit – Krapivinskoe. Sands of Krapivinskoe deposit with enrichment are fit for producing colorless and half-white glass, enriched ones are fit for products of high light transmission.
Besides, there are deposits of bauxites, brown coal in the district.

Wild life of the district is rather various and represented with 45 species of mammals, 25 species of fish, 200 species of birds. Many fauna representatives are fit for hunting and fishing.

The district is located between large industrial centers, good transportation availability, wonderful landscapes of Valday hills located on the main ridge of Ilmen and Ladoga basin rivers, on the borders of natural zones of southern taiga and mixed forests defining variability of species of forest plants, make the district attractive place of recreation.

Social description

The district population quantity has a stable tendency for reducing mainly due to natural reduction, since over one third of people of Lyubitino district are retirees.

As of 01.01.2012 the population of the district is 9440 people (according to population count). Considering migration movements for January-September of the present year as of 01.10.2012 constant population of the district is 9333 people.

As of 01.10.2012 3524 people are employed in the district economy, including in industry – 761 people, at agricultural enterprises – 54 people, trade - 292 people, in the spheres of medical care – 208 people, education – 219 people, culture – 102 people, social servicing of population – 114 people.

Considering small entrepreneurship subjects average monthly salary for the past period of the present year amounted to 15220 rubles, which amounts to 107,5 % of the indicator of the corresponding period of the last year. In industry there was inconsiderable growth of salary – 101 % of the corresponding period of the last year – 19870 rubles, in agriculture salary increased by 19,0% of the corresponding period of the last year (11850 rubles), in trade – by 17% (9020 rubles), medical care – by 14,2% (14360 rubles), education – by 12% (14030 rubles), culture – by 4,8% (10730 rubles), population social protection – by 6% (13460 rubles).
Average monthly nominal calculated salary of people working at large and medium organizations of the district for January-September of the present year amounted to 17746,9 with growth rate of 108,1% of the corresponding period of the last year.

Last year the quantity of applicants for cooperation in looking for a job reduced, the list of unemployed citizens changed with increasing the share of highly educated citizens, though its per-capita rate is rather low – 9,7%, due to the fact that in 2011 due to intensive deconstruction of windfalls forest working specialists were required on labor market.

During 2011 348 people applied the employment center for a job (2010 — 416).

As a whole, there was a sharp tendency for reducing the quantity of poor citizens in the district. The share of population with incomes lower than minimum life standard from 2004 reduced from 61 to 12.1 %. 1152 people are registered in social protection bodies.

There are the following institutions in the sphere of education on the district territory:

  • 13 educational institutions, 5 of them are nursery;

in the sphere of culture, youth policy and sport:

  • children art school;
  • Lyubitino district history museum;
  • 16 clubs of cultural and recreation system;
  • 16 libraries of centralized library system;
  • 34 sport constructions;
  • youth center «Impulse»;
  • physical training and sport center;

in the sphere of medical care:

  • 5 drugstores;
  • 3 hospitals, 3 polyclinics, 15 feldsher-midwife stations in the structure of the central district hospital;

in the sphere of social protection:

  • social repair for children and teenagers;
  • hostel for elderly people and invalids;
  • center of social servicing of citizens of elderly age and invalids;
  • center of social supporting family and children.

Basic indicators

  • Population quantity: 9,4 thousand people.
  • Quantity of vacancies in large and medium organizations: 17.
  • Average monthly salary: 14170 rubles.
  • Minimum wage: 5923 rubles.
  • Ratio of salary and minimum wage: 2,4.
  • Average quantity of residence for 1 citizen: 47,5 square m.
  • Annual volume of constructed residence: 3287 square m.
  • Level of covering costs for rendering housing and utilities services by population: 52 %.
  • Provision with hospital beds: 4,77 beds for 1 thousand people.
  • Provision with outpatient polyclinic institutions: 31,78 visits per shift for 1 thousand people.
  • Provision with ambulance brigades: 1,28 brigades for 1 thousand people.
  • Provision with doctors: 1,8 for 1 thousand people.
  • Provision with medium medical personnel: 9,11 for 1 thousand people.
  • Quantity of places for 1 thousand children of nursery age in nursery educational institutions: 800.
  • Quantity of places for 1 thousand children and teenagers of school age in general educational institutions: 997,0.
  • Quantity of places for 1 thousand children and teenagers of school age in general educational institutions: 1041,3.
  • Quantity of generally available libraries: 14.
  • Quantity of places for 1 thousand people in cultural and recreation institutions: 198,1.
  • Quantity of sports halls: 4.
  • Quantity of plain sport constructions: 18.
  • Share of unsatisfied applications for setting apartment telephone (% of the quantity of applicants for setting it): 0.
  • Quantity of communication operators rendering telematic communication services: 4.
  • Quantity of accepted generally available television programs: 5.
  • Provision with trade areas: 497,0 square m for 1 thousand people.
  • Investments in fixed assets of organizations on the territory of settlement, at the expense of all financing sources, totally: 65981 thousand rubles.
  • Including on financing sources:
    • for federal budget funds: 11086 thousand rubles.
    • for funds of the budget of a subject of the Russian Federation: 17825 thousand rubles.
    • for private investors’ funds (non-budgetary sources): 24554 thousand rubles.
  • Local budget, total incomes: 309529,3 thousand rubles.
    • including own incomes: 182513,8 thousand rubles.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

In the district industry stable tendency for production development was formed, growth rate of 2011 to the level of 2010 amounts to 128 %.

Such a dynamic growth of volumes of industrial loading is provided with progressive growth of mineral production, i.e. production, enrichment and loading of quartz sand for CJSC «Nebolchinskoye karieroupravleniye» and CJSC «Russian mining company». Growth of volume of loaded products in the sphere as a whole in 2011 amounted to nearly 2 times (192.6 %).

In the structure of industrial production forest products still have the leading place. The share of forest sphere, including forest harvesting and wood processing, in total volume of produced products amounts to 76.1 %. In processing products the volume of loading goods of domestic production considering small entrepreneurship subjects for 2011 amounted to 1519.9 million rubles with growth rate of 111.7 % in comparison with 2010 indicator. The most share in processing production is for LLC «Setnovo».

Definite dominance of the district economy is forest industry.

But it is necessary to note that working mechanisms of diversifying industrial production enables progressive development of other spheres, particularly, mineral production which enables to gradually optimize the structure of the district industry. Since 2009 the share of forest industry in total volume of loaded goods reduced from 87 % to 76 % in 2011.



Located  in

Personnel quantity

LLC «Novgorodskaya Lesopromyshlennaya kompaniya “Sodruzhestvo”»Forest harvesting and wood processing (wood harvesting, timber production)



LLC «Setnovo»Timber production



LLC «Olga»Forest harvesting (business wood: sawtimber, balances)



LLC «Lyubytinsky zavod mineralnykh krasok»Household chemicals (dry pigments — whitings, colors)



CJSC «Nebolchinskoye karyeroupravleniye»Extraction and enrichment of quartz sand



LLC «Lyubytinsky kompleksny lespromkhoz»Forest harvesting (business wood: balances, sawtimber)



LLC «Tikhy Ples»Forest harvesting (business wood: balances, sawtimber)



LLC «Sormol»Extraction of gibber-alluvium mass



LLC «Msta»Construction materials, timber production



In 2011 on Lyubitino district territory there were 5 agricultural enterprises of different forms of ownership, 15 farms and over 3479 private farm holdings:

  • SKhPK «Zhukovo»: 20 employees.
  • CJSC «Rosa»: 12 employees.
  • CJSC «Agro»: 16 employees.
  • «Gosudar»: 5 employees.
  • SPK «Voskhod»: 20 employees.
  • Total: 74 employees.

Leading sphere in agricultural organizations of the municipal district is plant cultivation. Three farms of five make milk cattle breeding. The district has necessary lands for producing fodder and grazing lands for developing the sphere.

The factors which prevent stable development of milk cattle breeding in the district are:

  • instable financial condition of agricultural producers;
  • insufficient quantity of working personnel and specialists;
  • low technical provision of agricultural enterprises, absence of modern technologies enabling to produce quality fodder, absence of modern farm equipment;
  • misregulating of economic relationships in the chain «agricultural producer – milk processing industry – wholesale retail trade»;
  • insufficient state support of the sphere.

Investment potential

Basic aims of investment policy are making conditions for developing investment activity, mobilization of present resources and attraction of new investment resources in real sector of economy.

Priority spheres of investments for medium-term perspective are:

  • agricultural and industrial complex;
  • residence construction;
  • tourist industry.

To increase investment activity, stabilize positive changes in dynamics of investments in fixed assets and to reduce financial crisis influence it is planned:

  • progress in stimulating inflow of private capital, and also research of new forms of co-investing (state and private) in perspective projects;
  • attraction of financial resources for realizing considerable investment projects, development of business contacts with financial and credit institutions;
  • development of interaction of local self-government bodies for cooperating investors in realizing investment aims, assistance and monitoring of investment projects important for regional and district economy;
  • holding works on forming and locating industrial sites of the district fit for locating new productions on the official site of regional Administration to provide the conditions of rational using land resources on locating production resources and constructing real estate objects.


Housing and communal services of the district is characterized by high depreciation of fixed capital stock. The branch of LLC „MP ZHKKH NZHKS ZHKKH“ of the Lyubytinsky district service 13 artesian wells and 55.3 km of the water-supply pipeline network, but 16.8 km from them are old and must be replaced as well as 16 boiler-houses and 8.4 km of heating systems (in two-pipe terms) for  heating. In 2012 - 2013 years, it is scheduled to replace the 8 boilers to more efficient ones. To reduce the loss of coolant in the network, every year the heat carriers are replaced on heating pipes with insulation foam, which have longer service life. For economy and efficient utilization of energy supply, the gradual shift to ship resources to consumers in accordance with the meter readings is planned.

As a part of the regional target programs „Gasification of the Novgorod region in 2009-2013“, and „Energy supply in the Novgorod region in 2010-2014 and in 2020“ the measures for the gasification of municipal district and settlements Lubytino, Nebolchi, Zarubino are carried out.

The length of power lines in the district is:

  • transmission line 35-110 kV — 220 km;
  • transmission line 10-0.4 kV — 780 km.

The average age of electric networks is 30 years,  their deterioration is 70%. Technical energy policy is aimed at the maintenance of existing utilities. To the task of updating worn-out fixed capital stock., the measures in replacement of the run-down equipment is developed as well as  the measures to increase the capacity of transmission lines, the construction of new and reconstruction of existing lines with the use of new technologies; particularly in the current year the reconstruction of the transformer substation Lubytino. is continuing.

Besides, in 2012 -2013 the upgrade of 0.4 kV network with the QFT replacement is planned in the village Sherehovichi, as well as the construction of the transforming station with power lines in Nebolchi.

The length of public roads in the district is 1033 km, 247 km of which is asphalt. The road network condition requires significant capital expenditures.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

First deputy Chief of Lyubitino municipal district administration
Smirnova Galina Aleksandrovna
Phone: +7 (81668) 61-230.

Head of economic department of Lyubitino municipal district administration
Nikitina Yelena Yevgenyevna
Phone: +7 (81668) 61-438

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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