Investment passport of Malovishersky district

Dear friends!

The Malaya Vishera district welcomes investors to the mutually beneficial partnership that will lead to increasing scale of your business and better employment and standards of living for the district.

Attracting investments is one of the key activities for the district’s administration. There are a lot of factors that could possibly attract the potential investors, among them advantageous geographical and logistic location, developed infrastructure, multidirectional industrial basis, wood and land resources and qualified workforce.
The priority directions of the district economics are agriculture, processing industry, building development, and services.

In our consideration of the investment projects, the district administration pays primary attention to socially responsible policy and solution of the existent social problems. We understand that it is impossible to speak of the comfortable living of people and satisfying their basic needs.

The investment passport of the Malaya Vishera district contains information about district economics, investment projects and potential opportunities, that will help you to start your business in the Malaya Vishera district according to your interests. We would be glad to greet you on the land of Malaya Vishera and start a successful partnership with you.

Nikolay Alexandrovich Maslov,
Malaya Vishera district.


Historical reference

The year of foundation of Malaya Vishera town is 1843. The age of the town is small by historical measures, but people began settling in these areas, as chronicles state, at the Neolithic times. Many villages, existing now on the banks of Msta, have more than one hundred years of history. Several pogosts — the initial centres of country communes in the North–West of Rus’, the most well–known are Spasskiy, Nebolotskiy and Kremenetskiy, had such names — existed on the territory of contemporary Malaya Vishera district since the times of the early middle ages. Ruins of ancient temples have remained of some of them.

Birth of Malaya Vishera settlement is connected with building of Saint–Petersburg – Moscow railway. In the year 1843 a company of serf peasants built a governmental house for a steward, a foreman and other managers, which became the first edifice of the future town.

In the year 1890 the first on the railways of Russia telephone communication switchboard for 25 numbers was installed in the house of the station.

The following fact shows the significance of the station: one of the three steam fire engines, which were on the whole line Saint–Petersburg – Moscow in the end of the years 1890–s, was in Malaya Vishera.
Several episodes, which have influenced to a certain degree the course of historic events, are connected with Malaya Vishera. On the night onto the 1 of March of the year 1917 the tsar’s train stopped here. It was reported to the tsar, that Lyuban’ and Tosno were occupied by rebels. Nikolay II wrote in his diary: “We turned backward from Malaya Vishera at night”.

Malaya Vishera can be rightfully considered a turning point in Russian history. It is appropriate to add to the said, that so–called tsar rooms were arranged for the august family in the building of the station, which have been kept in the original state till now.

The small provincial town Malaya Vishera and its surroundings have always been a favourite place of rest of the aristocracy of the capital and even the reigning persons. Alexander II was reputed as passionate hunter among the Russian rulers of the XIX century. Like every hunter, he had his favourite kinds of hunting. Bear–hunting came into the fashion of the royal court exactly under Alexander II. Bear–hunting has always been very dangerous. An accident happened during the hunting season of the year 1872 in a forest near Malaya Vishera. A wounded bear dashed at Alexander II, and only the marksmanship of unter–jägermeister I. V. Ivanov and the quickness of the bear–spearman saved the emperor’s life. Later Ivanov was awarded a specially stamped gold medal on Vladimir’s ribbon with inscription “Thank you”, and the bear–spearman was awarded with a medal “For salvation”.

Russian poet N. A. Nekrasov preferred hunting in these areas too.

Ministers of finance of the tsarist Russia V. N. Kokovtsev, and I. A. Vyshnegradskiy had their cottages here, Russian general, a member of the State council, the military minister of the Russian empire A. F. Rediger used to come to his cottage in Verebye. Other famous persons have not passed the banks of the local rivers over with their presence either. The very well known shipwright I. N. Voskresenskiy lived here. His homestead still stands on Lanoshenka, it is protected by the descendants.

Engineer of communication routes, the builder of fortresses Lyubava (now Liyepaya), “Earl Totleben” and “Obruchev” P. A. Boreysha built his luxurious estate with fountains, a three–tiered park, a temple and a tower on a bank of Msta.

Malaya Vishera was the first town liberated from the German–fascist invaders (on the 20 of November of the year 1941) in the history of the Great patriotic war.

At the present time Malaya Vishera municipal district is one of the districts of Novgorod region, which develop most dynamically.

Geographical description

Malaya Vishera district is situated in the north of Novgorod region 90 km off the regional centre, on the main route of Octyabrskaya railway — 162 km from Saint–Petersburg and 449 km from Moscow. Federal road M-10 “Moscow – Saint–Petersburg” passes at 40 kilometres from the town.

The total area of the territory of the district equals 330 thousand ha. The length of the roads equals 285 km. The municipal district borders on Chudovo, Novgorod, Okulovo and Lyubytino districts of Novgorod region and Tihvin district of Leningrad region.

The quantity of the population of the municipal district equals 17,204 people.

Malaya Vishera municipal district includes four settlements: Malaya Vishera town settlement, Bolshaya Vishera town settlement, Burga town settlement and Verebye village settlement. The highest official is the Head of the municipal district. In the year 2009 Nikolay Alexandrovich Maslov was elected to this post.

Social description

Culture and sports

The network of establishments of culture–leisure type of Malaya Vishera municipal district includes 16 establishments.

The main spheres of work of the establishments of culture of the municipal district are matters of regional studies, ecological and juridical education, historical–patriotic upbringing of youth.

The specialists of the House of folk arts conduct work on preservation of primordially Russian traditions and crafts, passing of the skills of mastery to the young generation, development of arts and leisure, instillation of interest towards the cultural heritage of the region.

Festivals of musical art “Constellation of talents”, folk applied and amateur fine arts “Beauty of craft”.
Additional education institution — Children’s school of arts — has 6 departments. 189 children learn at the school yearly. Reporting concerts of the pupils are conducted and master classes with the leading pedagogues of the Regional S. V. Rahmaninov college of arts are organized regularly.

An important role is assigned in Malaya Vishera district to development of physical training and sports. Conducting of mass competitions “The ski–track of Russia” and “The cross–country race of nations”.

A lighted ski route is arranged, skating rinks work, skis and skates are rented in the town park for active rest of people in the winter period. There is a mountain skiing camp in Gorodishchi village, where sports equipment is rented.


The network of education institutions in the municipal district has 8 comprehensive schools, 10 preschool education institutions, vocational training school No. 9, 3 additional education institutions and a centre of psychological–pedagogical rehabilitation and correction.

The evidence of the high level of education in the district is the stably high percentage of the leavers of the secondary schools of the district, who enter the higher education institutions of the country. Preparation of specialists in the representation of Novgorod branch of “Sovremennaya gumanitarnaya academiya” (“Contemporary humanitarian academy”) has been performed since the year 1997.

Children’s sports school “Fakel” (“Torch”) works in the municipal district. The activity of the school is directed to development of such sports as basketball, Russian lapta (bat game), light athletics, table tennis, sports tourism, ski races, European football, and to propaganda of healthy life style among young people.

Site “Youth policy of Malaya Vishera district” functions and district periodical publication “The reverse side” is published for the goals of informing of young people on the priority directions of state youth policy.

In the year 2011 individual entrepreneur Ye. A. Borisova created Children’s developing centre “SYoMA" (“The most capacious mama’s academy”).

The main directions of the activity of the Children’s centre are:

  • Developing toys “Wonder child” and early development system “Wonder child — school at home”;
  • Developing lessons for children from 9 months to 7 years;
  • System of organization of children’s leisure “Celebration every day”’;
  • Parents’ school.

Every activity is independent, but at the same time all of them are closely connected with each other, and their combination is a unique competitive advantage of the centre in relation to other such organizations.

Health care

The main tasks of development of the health care of the municipal district are: satisfaction of the population with high–quality medical care, provision of availability of medical care, introduction and application of standards of rendering medical care, heightening of the qualification of medical employees and creation of a system of motivation of them to high–quality labour, informatization of health care. Special attention is paid to the preventive direction in the activity of the municipal health care.

Medical care is provided to the population of the municipal district by the central district hospital, the network of general medical practice centres, a stomatologic polyclinic, a junction polyclinic, the first aid–obstetrical stations.

Building of a consultative–diagnostic centre was finished in the year 2012.

Touristic activity of the district

Malaya Vishera district is the pioneer of country tourism in Novgorod region. Simple country pleasures are offered to towns–people in three settlements on the base of peasant and individual farms: hunting, fishing, berry– and mushroom–picking, home food of ecologically clean products of own make, Russian bath and many other things.

And besides this, each entrepreneur has a speciality in store for guests.

Those people, who wish, can play paintball in Borok — equipment and protective means are provided. An artificial water reservoir was created in Zaborovye, visitors can take fishing tackle.

There are several guest houses in Nizhniy Perelesok. Visitors can ride a troika (a team of three horses), snowmobiles and sleighs.

A mountain skiing camp with a hotel, a lift and a hillside for sleighing function in Gorodishchi.

There is a Russian style guest house with all the details of country life in Gorneshno.

An interesting project is at the preparation stage on Msta river. It is planned to combine country rest with rafting on the river. A small museum is being created, and there are other curious ideas.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The average monthly wages at the big and middle enterprises of the district of the municipal district equals 20,338 rubles.

LLC “Stoic” and LLC “Hermes” are the leading manufacturers of food products. There are no contemporary international level manufactures of spices similar to these in Malaya Vishera nowadays. The enterprises manufacture mixes, decors and complexes of spices.

The budget effectiveness of LLC “Stoic” is 4.3 % — one of the highest coefficients in the region.
LLC “Mstinskoye moloko” (“Msta milk”) plant began working more than 8 years ago, and it has broadened the assortment and the geography of deliveries during the years of its establishment on the market of dairy products. The products of the enterprise are sold not only on the territory of Novgorod region, but in Saint–Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and other towns of the North–West.

It is important, that the enterprise works on the local milk. Milk of Novgorod producers constitutes 92 % of the total purchases. The assortment of the products is not less diverse than on average in the capital.
Besides pasteurized milk, curd cheese, more than 20 names of curd cheese mass with diverse fillers, cheeses of Adygeya sorts, cheeses of Mazzarella type, condensed milk and many other products are manufactured. Such a manufacture is the only one in Novgorod region nowadays.

A new economic entity — CSC “Zavod “Electroapparat” (“Electrical apparatus” plant”) — has shown itself as a powerful enterprise in the industrial sector of the economy of Malaya Vishera town. Having restored the dilapidated buildings of one of the defence complex enterprises, CSC “Zavod “Electroapparat” managed to establish itself firmly before the financial crisis. More than 20 kinds of electrical equipment and components, both for special carriages of the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of the RF on nuclear energy, and for civil trains, are manufactured at the plant nowadays.

CSC “Zavod “Electroapparat” provides with stable orders several Novgorod electronics enterprises by manufacture cooperation. about 400 people work at the enterprise now.

New enterprise for production of bare wires LLC “ Malovisherskiy electrotehnicheskiy zavod” (“Malaya Vishera electrical equipment plant”) was registered in the year 2010 on the territory of the district.

Austrian enterprise LLC “Madoc” processes timber. The main task of the enterprise is supplying of Austrian plants with high–quality raw timber of northern origin. In the sawmill shop, in which a contemporary western technology has been introduced, sawn timber of natural humidity is produced. Besides, the enterprise sells accompanying products — round timber and chips to foreign buyers.

A program of high modernization has been realized at the enterprise. Besides a biothermal boiler house and contemporary drying kilns, new equipment for sorting and packing of sawn timber has been installed.
On the basis of the accumulated experience of creation and development of timber–processing business in Novgorod region, the owner of LLC “Madoc” — Austrian concern Hasslacher Norica Timber Gruppe — has taken a decision about another broadening of its investment and economic activity in Malaya Vishera municipal district.

New enterprise LLC “Hasslacherles” with 100 % Austrian capital was formed and registered in Malaya Vishera district in the year 2010.

The investment project is aimed at qualitative improvement of the existing manufacture with creation and effective use of its own material base, and it has farther perspectives of transition to a new quality of realization of programs and projects in the sphere of forestry and environment protection.
Almost a quarter of a century ago a wheel pair repairing shop was opened in the locomotive depot of Malaya Vishera of Octyabrskaya railway. Its reconstruction on new areas began in October of the year 2000. Workers in Malaya Vishera mastered the new equipment and repair technologies with enthrallment. The volumes of output grew every year. Malaya Vishera locomotive depot repairs wheel pairs for 3 railways. The uniqueness of the repair consists in its performance by the most complex technologies, owing to which the repaired wheel pairs can be used for passenger high–speed locomotives.

Small business

The small business in Malaya Vishera municipal district has positive dynamics. The quantity of small enterprises, their turnover and volumes of investments into the fixed capital grow every year.
Program of support of small and middle entrepreneurship works in the municipal district. The main measures of the program are provision of grants to small entrepreneurship subjects, who begin, for creation of own business, provision of subsidies to subjects of small and middle entrepreneurship for compensation of a part of expenses on lease payments under leasing contracts, and also conducting of events of mass teaching of subjects of small and middle entrepreneurship with engagement of teachers of specialized education institutions.

The leading enterprises of small business are LLC “Hlebnya”, “LLC “Yasen’ MV”, LLC “MV Invest” and LLC “Domostroy”.

  • LLC “Hlebnya” is a breadbaking enterprise;
  • LLC “Domostroy” is an enterprise for processing of timber and manufacture of products of wood;
  • LLC “MV Invest” is an enterprise for manufacture of furniture boards.
  • LLC “Yasen’ MV” is an enterprise for manufacture of cabinet and soft furniture.

The main subjects of commerce of the municipal district are private entrepreneurs and enterprises. Now the district is provided, in fact, with all goods, which begin with food products and end with furniture. Shops are situated practically in all parts of the district, which allows to provide all the inhabitants with necessary goods.

Chain stores “Electronica”, “Pyatyorochka”, “Magnit” and “Volnyi kupets” are very popular with inhabitants of Malaya Vishera. Shops of local entrepreneurs LLC “Olymp”, “Yunona” and “Favorit” offer a wide choice of food and industrial goods.

Shops of entrepreneurs I. A. Petrova and S. Ye. Paklinskaya gladden with their goods the female part of the population.

3 retail markets work in Malaya Vishera town: two universal markets and one agricultural. Autumn and spring fairs are conducted traditionally in the district.

Investment potential

The district administration sees the major challenge in the socio-economic development of the metropolitan region as attracting investment, increasing the number of processing plants, that all will increase employment and supplementary taking of the taxes in the budget. For this purpose, 25 investment sites, aimed at creating a favorable investment climate in the area, were founded.

One of the principal factors of the district development is the natural resources that are represented by the forest and lands. Mainly coniferous forests in the district occupy 302.2 thousand hectares.

The district is rich in deposits of peat and clay suitable for making bricks. There are deposits of sand and gravel, construction and quartz sand.

High pressure gas pipeline provides great opportunities for natural gas consumers.

Metropolitan area is provided with electricity. To meet the large demand for more electricity the substation with the capacity of 32 MW was built in the town. The electricity reserve is about 80%.

In recent years, the town and the district actively build housing habitation in according to the various federal and regional programs, as well as the modern commercial housing.

The competitive advantages of the municipal district are: the railway line St. Petersburg - Moscow passing through the district as well as the proximity of the federal highway St. Petersburg - Moscow.

Priorities for economic and investment:

  • The development of productive activities;
  • The agriculture development;
  • The rural tourism development;
  • Cultural Policy;
  • Social Policy.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity



Head of Malaya Vishera municipal district
Maslov Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Phone: +7 (81660) 33-430.

Chairman of the economic development committee of the Administration of the municipal district
Krasilnikova Yelena Nikolayevna
Phone: +7 (81660) 31-580.

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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