Investment passport of Novgorodsky district

Dear investors!

Attracting new investments is one of the priorities of the Novgorod district economic growth. We constantly work on creating the most advantageous investment climate. Over the last 5 years domestic investments amounted to 12 billion roubles, as well as $316000 of international investments. The service and trade turnaround doubled, and industry production increased 2.3 times. The district successfully houses such investment projects as Pfleiderer LLC (Germany), greenhouse complex by Novgorod greenhouses LLC, breeding facility of Novgorod bacon LLC, restoration of the Novgorod poultry farm, NovSvin pig farming complex (Denmark), building of the logistic center The Great Mountain (China) and more.

Novgorod district can boast a developed transportation network of both roads and railroads, being closely tied with two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Investment process is supplemented with good educational capabilities for potential workforce, including higher and special education institutions in Veliky Novgorod, which prepare a broad range of specialists for any sector of economy.

Our efforts are not only aimed at development of industry and agriculture. Comfortable ecological situation, spectacular landscapes, historical and architectural landmarks create a good opportunity of tourism: water, country, event-based – as well as opportunity for development of trade and service sector.

Dear investors, while welcoming you to partnership with us, we would like to assure you  that you will always find help in setting up and promoting your business in the Novgorod district.

Anatoly Georgiyevich Shvetsov,
Novgorod district head.


Geographical description

The area of Novgorodskiy municipal district is 4596 square kilometers, including the agricultural land of 54,686 hectares, the area occupied by forests is 2400 sq. km. On January 1, 2012, the population of the district was 59,947 people. The working-age population is 36 271 people.

Novgorodskiy municipal district is located around Veliky Novgorod city in northwestern Russia.
The area is characterized by a good transport and geographical location. The main traffic artery Moscow -St. Petersburg and the roads to Pskov, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia pass the district.

The distance of the municipal district center is about 186 km from St. Petersburg and near 500 km from Moscow.

The lake Ilmen is located in its territory and there are navigable rivers the Volkhov and the Msta.
There are plans for the construction of a highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the construction of the road to the growing seaport Ust-Luga in the Baltic Sea in the Leningrad region.

Natural resources

One of the main natural resource is wood. Forest Fund is presented with a predominance of deciduous trees - 70% and conifers - 30%. Forests cover 2400 square kilometers of the district. The timber processing complex of the district consists of logging companies and individual entrepreneurs, wood treatment plants: LLC "Pfleiderer", SP Emelyanov NE, LLC "Novoks", LLC "Transforest" LLC, "Wood-Forte" and others. In 2012, the prescribed cut is 440.8 thousand cubic meters.

One of the biggest challenges of the investment policy is to attract companies engaged in the deep processing of timber in the sphere of forest industry, as well as increasing and more efficient use of the resource.
The mineral resources of the district consists of deposits of clay, sand, sandy-gravel materials and  peat.

There are 6 sites with widespread mineral deposits. Three of them are peat deposits with reserves of more than 15 million tons. 13 companies engage in the development of mineral resources.
Exploration work in searching for new deposits is constantly carried out.

Social description

Labour market and employment

For the first 9 months of 2012, the average number of employees in organizations (except small businesses) was 9688 people.

The average monthly nominal wages of employees (except small businesses) totaled 21,225.9 rubles, which is 12.6% higher than in the corresponding period of 2011.

The decree of the Novgorod region administration № 342-ps dated 11.10.2012 set the minimum cost of living in the area for the III quarter of 2012 as 6,137 rubles in a month per person. For working-age population it was 6707 rubles, for pensioners it was 4925 rubles, for children it was 6038 rubles.

Average monthly salary is 21 225.9 rubles.

The registered unemployment rate at the beginning of 2012 was 1.3 % and for the nine months of 2012 it steadily decreased and at 01.10.2012 amounted to 0.9% of the number of registered unemployed 338 people. The number of vacancies is 514.


35 municipal Educational institutions carry out educational activities in the area. 18 educational institutions from them implement the mainstream program of preschool education of children for 2,471 children, 17 realize schooling for 3425 people. The district administration carries out the work in creating new places for pre-school children, as well as in repairing and modernization of preschool educational institutions
The construction of a new kindergarten in the settlement Proletary for 174 places is realized, a new group with 25 seats in the preschool educational establishment № 12 in the village Grigorovo has opened after the repair.

All educational institutions are fully equipped with an automatic fire alarm and the police emergency call.
The bandwidth of "Internet" in the reporting period was 2 MGB / s in all educational institutions of the district.  The number of computers connected to the Internet is 74.

13 graduates from 97 ones, who received certificates for the course (complete) general education, were awarded by the gold and silver medals "For outstanding achievements in studying".


31 institutions of culture operate in Novgorodskiy municipal district. Cultural institutions organize exhibitions, themed events, theater festivals, discos and musical evenings.

Grate attention is paid to the development of amateur performances. 495 club units, which involved 7,323 people, operate in the Culture Center.

The culture institutions of Novgorodskiy district have 50 clubs for decorative and applied arts and fine arts. The main directions of the club groups are embroidery, knitting, weaving. Many club groups work with children: salt dough, modeling, painting, Art Studio, paper articles. Such handicrafts as willow braiding, birch bark braiding, pottery, smithery and others are developed in the area.


The municipal district has 188 sports facilities, including 21 sports hall, 1 swimming pool, 1 athletics arena.
Athletes of Novgorodskiy municipal area are involved in inter-district, regional, national and international competitions.

Health service

Two medical institutions carry out health service activities in the Novgorodskiy municipal area: GOBUZ "Proletary district hospital" and GOBUZ "Central district hospital", and 34 their structure units.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The industry of the Novgorod municipal district is represented by extractive and manufacturing industries, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water.

The major share of the industry in the district belongs to manufacturing activities, including the key industry:

  • wood treatment of and woodwork production.
    LLC „Pfleiderer“, LLC „Transforest“, LLC „Novoks“;
  • Manufacture of food products
    OJSC „Podverzsky bakery“, LLC „Novgorod Poultry“, LLC „Novgorod bacon“, LLC „NovSvin“ LLC, „Ocean“;
  • Manufacture of non-metallic products
    Ltd. „Stroydetal“;
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
    OJSC „261 Repair Plant“;

The total volume of shipped goods of own production, performed work and services on their own based in actual activity for 9 months of 2012 consisted 7,764,567 rubles., with growth of 120.5 %. The manufacturing share is 92.1 % of total industrial production.

The active investment policy of the district administration is aimed at changing the industrial production structure, the organization of new industries in the district:

  • the construction of research and production complex in Microelectronics and Radio Engineering „Special design engineering bureau-Planeta“;
  • the plant construction for the production of meters LLC „Meter“;
  • the construction of a gas piston power plant of the close corporation „North-West Energoinvest“;
  • the construction of the cliché manufacture plant LLC „Klishirovka Yuncheng Novgorod“;

Small and medium enterprises

Small business takes the prominent place in the economy of the district.   The number of small and medium businesses - legal entities - is 446 units, and individual entrepreneurs one is 684 units.

Small business in the district is concentrated mainly in the following areas: wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, transport and communications, real estate and rental property service providers.

There are a number of problems in the perspective development of industrial potential as one of the most important components of investment attractiveness of the district. The most significant from them are:

  • uneven investment flows - due to the remoteness of some settlements from the regional center and the lack of development in their engineering infrastructure;
  • absence of ready-equipped engineering investment areas  offering to an investor;


Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the district economy. 16 agricultural organizations operate in the district including: Ltd. "Novgorodskiy bacon", JSC "Guardsman", LLC "Novgorodskiy chicken factoryfarm ", LLC "Ermolinskaya", LLC "NovSvin", LLC "Trubichino", LLC "Novgorodskiy greenhouses", JSC "Savino" and others; 193 (peasant) farms and more than 20 thousand private farms.

The district share in the total volume of agricultural products produced in the area in 2011 was 33.4%.
Major products produced in agriculture are dairy, meat, eggs, cereals, potatoes and vegetables grown in open area and in greenhouses.

In the district, the main factor of the agricultural sector is livestock.

For the first 9 months of 2012:

  • milk production amounted to 10.1 thousand tons;
  • eggs production was 100.6 million;
  • produced meat and poultry was 34 thousand tons;
  • poultry population was 727.8 thousand;
  • pig population was 123.7 thousand.

One of the major enterprises of the district — LLC "Novgorodskiy Bacon" — is a prerequisite for the creation of a new industry — specialized beef cattle. The farm contains 172 head of breed "Limousine" cattle.

Increasing the productivity of livestock and poultry as well as the livestock production profitability is achieved by improving the selection and breeding and introduction of advanced technologies.

Novgorodskiy district area is the leading producer of crop production.

For the first 9 months of 2012:

  • the district cropped:  33.4 thousand tons of vegetables grown in open and protected ground and 86.4 tons of potatoes;
  • the grain output was 3.4 thousand tons.

In October 2012, LLC "Novgorodskiy greenhouses" put into operation the 1st phase of construction of the greenhouse complex with the area of 6.17 hectares. In 2015, the total complex area will be 24.7 hectares with a capacity of vegetable production of 17 thousand tons in a year.

Further increasing of the production volume is planned by increasing productivity of arable land, feed agricultural holdings for animals and birds, expansion of grain crops.


Construction is one of the main district industries that largely determine the social, economic and technical requirements of the district economy. The scope of work in this activity for 9 months of 2012 amounted to 60,047 thousand rubles. The district retained a high rate of construction, including housing. For the first 9 months of 2012, the residential buildings with a total area of 23,212 sq.m.  were commissioned in the district.
In this brunch the following organizations work successfully: LLC "Trust-2", LLC "Inzhstroy", LLC "Stroytek", LLC "Novoinvest" LLC, "Rich".


Trade is invariably attractive industry for investors and realization of the investment projects contributes to the development of trading business.

The total number of active retailers totaled 338 units, 13 companies providing retail services around the clock.

Retail trade turnover for the 9 months of 2012 amounted to 1905.0 million rubles.
In recent years, the district opened mercantile business of major network operators ("Quarter", "Magnet", "Pyaterochka", "Dixie").

Investment potential

In the growth rate of industrial production, investment, including foreign investment, Novgorod district is one of the leader towns in the Novgorod region.

Priority areas for investment in the Novgorod metropolitan region are:

  • The agriculture development;
  • The development of manufacturing industries;
  • Forestry and wood processing;
  • Housing construction;
  • The development of automotive component cluster;
  • The development of tourist and recreational zone.


Gas supplying

01.01.2012 the housing gasification level in the Novgorodskiy municipal district was 47.87%, 22 settlement are supplied by natural gas.

The district has major high-pressure gas pipeline:

  • in the territory of  Volotovsky, Savinskoye, Bronnitskaya, Proletary settlements in Moscow direction;
  • Trubichino, Chechulino, Podberezye settlements in Saint Petersburg direction;

the municipal adistrict has 7 GDS (gas distribution stations): "Vozrozchdenie" in the villages Bronnitsa, s. Proletary, Bozhonka, Savino, Rodionovo, Ermolino, from which the local gas pipelines and 4 MGCB (modular gas control blocks) are built.

In the district, all populated areas located near the territory of the Novgorod are gasified: Grigorovo, Syrkovo, New Melnutcha, Leshino, Pletniha, Pankovka, Trubichino, Volhovets, Njvaya derevnaya, Yurivo.
The annual consumption of natural gas in the Novgorodskiy district in 2011 amounted to 88.2 million m³, including the gas for population of 7.5 million m³.

Heat supply

There are two heating companies in the district:

  • Branch of LLC "MP ZhKKh NZhKS" "Novgorodskiy branch",
  • Municipal unitary enterprise "Teploenergo" in Velikiy Novgorod.

47 boilers provide heating. 31 from them work with gas, three ones use coal / peat, 10 work with coal / wood, in 3 boilers the fuel is wood pellets and briquettes.

The total capacity of the gas boiler is 135 Gcal / h, solid boiler one is 28 Gcal / h, the connected heat load of gas boilers is 91 Gcal / h, of solid-fuel boiler one is 11 Gcal / h. The annual consumption of heat in the municipality is 216.15 Gcal (2011).

Individual construction has its own sources of heat supply.

Water supply and sewerage

In the district, the water supply is carried out by the centralized culverts, boreholes and wells, both public and private.

830 thousand square meters of housing have centralized water supply.

The main enterprise engaged in rise and water supply to the water system is the branch of LLC LLC "MP ZhKKh NZhKS" "Novgorodskiy branch".

The district operates five water treatment plants, which clean up the river water: in the villages Lesnaya, Savino, Podberezye, Zakharyino, Proletary. The urban areas Tersovo-Netylskoe and Tesovskoe use 20 boreholes for water supply. Ground water is fed into the water system by pumping stations.

In 2011, the annual water consumption in municipality was 1445.63 thousand m³.

14 human settlements have centralized sewerage. The district has four biological treatment plants in the villages Lesnaya, Ermolino, Zaharino, Proletary that produce waste water treatment in the villages Lesnaya, Borki, Borok, Ermolino, Savino, Podberezye, Zaharino, Bronnitsa, Proletary. In 2011, 1139.0 thousand m³ of wastewater were cleared. Human settlements Novaya Melnitsa, Pletniha, Trubichino, Grigorovo, Pankovka, Volhovets use power of biological elimination system of Velekiy Novgorod.

Electric power supply

On the territory of the municipality, the PC "Novgorodoblelektro" provides services for power supply in urban areas: Punk, Proletery, Tesovo-Netylskoe. Production department of "Ilmensky electric networks" of the JSC "IDGC - North-West" branch of "Novgorodenergo" provides services for electricity in rural areas in the district and Tesovso town.

The municipal area has a PS, TS 6-10 kV — 45 units, 35 kV — 12 units, 110 kV — 32 units, which are located in all urban and rural settlements in the district.

Electricity demand in the district is 1800 million kW-h/years.

In the municipal district territory, the power supply is cattied out by overhead cables with capacity of 110 kW, 35 kW, 10.6 kW and 0.4 kW. The length of the power lines in the area are: lines with the capacity of 6-10 kW — 1202.37 km, lines with the capacity 35 kW — 102.9 km, lines with the capacity 110 kW — 719.625 km.

Communication and Telecommunication

The district has established and operated 18 cellular base stations of JSC "MTS", 16 ones of "VimpelCom" "Beeline", 21 — JSC "MegaFon", 4 — JSC "Tele2-Veliky Novgorod".

Construction of multi-service network of JSC "North-West Telecom" in the Novgorod region allowed expanding the network to provide broadband dedicated access to the Internet and a regional data network with xDSL technology. We continue the construction of the multi-service network and implementation of a project to replace the analog rural automatic telephone exchanges to the digital ones and the investment project in installation of telephones in new housing.

Road and transport infrastructure

The Novgorodskiy municipal area has 159.3 km of public roads of federal importance, 619 km of roads with regional or inter-municipal value. The length of public roads in the district is 28,72 km., 20,6 km of which is asphalt.

The federal highway M-10 "Russia" from Moscow to St. Petersburg and federal highways A116 "Novgorod - Pskov" go across the district. The regional road "Novgorod - Luga" originates in Veliky Novgorod and connects the city with the Batetsky district and the town Luga.

Transport infrastructure of the municipal area is characterized by development of suburban bus service. There is no bus service in 49 settlements. 11 settlements are located in the distance of 0.5 — 1.0 km from the bus stops, 4 settlements are separated from road by water barrier (the villages Voytsy, Little Hill, Sidorkovo, Skovorodka). Currently, in 32 settlements there are no paved roads so we cannot establish a bus service.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

Address: 173014, Veliky Novgorod, Bolshaya Moskovskaya st., 78

Head of the Novgorodskiy municipal district
Shvetsov Anatoly Georgiyevich
Phone: +7 (8162) 943-600
Fax: +7 (8162) 63-22-88.

Supervising Deputy of Administration Head - The First Deputy of Administration Head
Masloboyeva Vera Ivanovna
Phone: +7 (8162) 94-36-01.

Deputy of Administration Head, Chairman of Public Utilities, Energy, Transport and Communications
Rybkin Mikhail Viktorovich
Phone: +7 (8162) 94-36-02.

Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Novgorodskiy Municipal Administration
Nikolayev Arkady Yevgenyevich
Phone: +7 (8162) 94-36-20

Head of Investment Policy Department
Smirnova Olga Vladislavovna
Phone, fax: +7 (8162) 67-18-19

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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