Investment passport of Parfinsky district

Dear investors!

We hereby present an investment passport of the Parfino district of the Novgorod region, where we have collected all the materials necessary to provide a solid basis for discussion between local administration and investors.

Attracting investments is one of the key activities for the district administration. We pay greatest attention to economic stability and improvement of life quality for our citizens, making it comfortable to live here, and, therefore, we consider it a primary task to actively promote the participation of investors capable of completing successful projects.

Potential investors are attracted by advantageous geographic location and transportation network, underused potential of natural and human resources.
The district boasts ecological welfare and rich wood and hunting grounds. The territory is full of discovered and projected deposits of natural resources like sandstone, peat, clay and underground water.

The district administration is strongly intent on supporting the investors, creating advantageous conditions for implementation of projects and suggestions aimed at improving the district’s economic potential, infrastructure development and growing employment and quality of living for its citizens.

Hopefully, your interest towards our district we be the beginning of fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Nikolay Vasilyevich Khatuntsev,
First deputy district head of Parfinsky district.


Historical reference

Parfino district was formed in 1968. In spite of its youth, it has a rich history. There was an ancient way «from the Varangians to the Greeks» down Lovat’ river.

Favorable geographic location, natural resources from olden times attracted people to this land, and they appeared on the banks of Lovat’ and Pola long before Christ, but stable settlements were formed only in the middle of the century. This fact is shown by many archeological monuments. The most interesting one is the site of ancient settlement near Gorodok village on Mayata river with cultural layer of 40-60 cm, a group of bald mountains near Ryabutka village consisting of 12 embankments of different size and diameter.

Villages of Parfino district have multi-century history. For example, the first description of Nalyuchi village relates to 1200. This village, as others located on Pola river, are famous for so called Seliger way from Novgorod to Volga, to «lower lands». Here there was the estate of Yekaterina Stroynova-Zurova, the woman which, to many Pushkinists’ opinion, was the prototype of the heroine of Pushkinian poem «The house in Kolomna» and, possibly, the prototype of Tatyana Larina from «Evgeny Onegin». During the war Zurovs’ estate was ruined and only ponds made in the form of «E» monogram remind of the former greatness and magnificence.

Near Nalyuchi there is Vasilievschina village in which in 1851 Michail Michailovich Pomortsev, the prominent Russian aerologist, one of the rocket engineering founders, was born.

Near Khmelyovo village there is an architectural monument of 19th century, i.e. Semenets-Galskiy’s estate (stone yard and park).

At the beginning of 20th century the district industry began to develop quickly.

The development of the district center – Parfino village – is also connected with the construction of plywood production on Lovat’ banks in 1910.

Geographical description

The square of the territory of Parfino municipal district is 1591,1 square km (2,4 % of Novgorod region territory).

Parfino district is included in the number of south-western districts of Novgorod region, it is located in Ilmen plain and has a favorable transportation and geographic location. On the North the district is adjacent with Krestets district, on the South-West and South-East it is adjacent with Demyansk and Starorus districts.

The lowest part of the territory situated near Ilmen’ lake is the southern end of Ilmen-Volkhov plain. The landscape is low-laky. Ilmen lake terrace is swamped and strongly disjoined with streamflows. 

The western part of the district is included in Nizhelovatskaya plain. The landscape is low-laky, icy. Here are widely developed dry river stows, swamped lowering of inter-stream areas and high moorlands.

The eastern part of the area is Beglovskaya plain. The sameness of the plain is ruined with hills and ridges.
Wooden-podzolic soils and gley podzols are mostly characteristic for the district. On the banks of Ilmen’ lake are acid and slightly acidic soddy alluvial ones.

Relative to geology and botany Parfino district is situated in the sub-zone of mixed coniferous-broad-leafed forests. Woody species are mostly represented with birch, aspen, pine, spruce. There are oaks and overgrowth of grey alder (rarely black one), palm tree everywhere on the territory.

The climate of the district intermediately cold, transitive from maritime to continental one. The weather is characterized with noticeable variableness. The ground freezing depth is 1,0 – 1,2 m.

The district center - the worker’s settlement of Parfino – is located 120 km from Velikiy Novgorod, 20 km from Staraya Russa, 340 km from Saint Petersburg, 722 km from Moscow.

The quantity of population as of the beginning of 2012 amounts to 14144 people, including 7268 people of urban population and 6873 people of rural one. The largest populated localities are such villages as Pola, Fyodorkovo, Sergeyevo, Novaya Derevnya, Yurievo. There are 114 rural populated localities, 2 rural and 1 urban settlement located on the territory of Parfino municipal district.

On the district territory there is Oktyabrskaya railroad by which it is easy to get to Moscow, Pskov, Tver and other cities of Russia. Freight traffic by railroad transport can be realized on different routs, including transportation abroad.

The district has direct automobile connection with Saint Petersburg and Moscow through the road «Podlitovie – Parfino – Staraya Russa» having connection with federal road «Rossiya».

Natural resources

The district raw base is represented both with developed deposits of sand, sand-alluvium materials and peat, and with perspective areas of occurrence of these natural resources.

Nowadays in the district there are two holders of three licenses for the rights of using natural resources: OJSC «Novgorodskiy port» and LLC «Parfino DEP».

The district amounts three developing deposits of sand:

  • Lovat’ river corridor, deposit center is located 14 km to the North-West from Parfino settlement, corridor part of the river;
  • Pola river corridor, deposit center is located 22 km to the East from the town of Staraya Russa, corridor part of the river;
  • Fyodorkovo, 4,4 km to the North-East from Ivankovo village.

Sand and sand-alluvium materials (not accounted with the deposit balance):

  • Babki – 1,5 km to the South-West from Babki village and road Pola-Zaitsevo. Alluvium and sand after sluicing and fractionating are fit for constructing roads;
  • Toloknyanets Yuzhniy – 6,0 km to the North-East from Pola village, between Bolshoy and Maliy Toloknyanets, The raw materials can be used for constructing roads in condition of sluicing and fractionating sands;
  • Bolshoe Stepanovo between Bolshoe Stepanovo and Gorodok villages. Alluvium and sand after sluicing and fractionating are fit for constructing roads;
  • Lovat’ river corridor – on the territory from Staraya Lovat’ river corridor. Sands are fit for construction solutions.

Reserve deposits for peat extraction:

  • Gorbovskiy Mokh is situated 28 km to the South-East from Parfino settlement, 6 km to the East from Kuzminskoye village. Peat extraction for agricultural needs;
  • Chistyak is located 4,8 km to the South-West from Pola railway station, to the West near Zamoshka village.

Peat deposit perspective for realizing further stages of geological exploration:

  • Vyazovskaya Top’ is located 33 km to the South-East from Parfino settlement. Non-industrial deposits of clays:
  • Ramushevo is located 10 km to the South from Parfino settlement, 0,5 km to the West from Redtsy village. Raw materials are fit for producing keramzit;
  • Selivanovo is located 3 km to the North-East from Parfino settlement, 0,5 km to the East from Selivanovo village, on the right bank of Lovat’ river. Clays are fit for producing clay shine;
  • Polavskoye is located 10 km to the East-South-East from Parfino settlement, to the North-West from Pola village on the right bank of Pola river.

Perspective area:

Tuganovo is located 22 km to the South-East from Parfino settlement, 2 km to the South-East from Novaya Derevnya village. Disperse clay loams are medium plastic with low concentration of coarse graded loads.

According to the preliminary estimation the raw is fit for ceramic production.

The total area of forests in the district amounts to 113,6 thousand hectares, 69% of them are hardwood.

Social description

Labor and employment market in Parfino municipal district

The average annual number of working people in the economy in Parfino municipal district (thousand people):











The share of population of employable age as of January 1, 2011 amounts to 60% of the quantity of resident population, younger than employable age – 14,8%, older than employable age – 25,2%.

The structure of employed population is represented with 1577 people working at organizations of state and municipal form of ownership, 223 people – at organizations of private form of ownership, 955 people – at organizations of mixed Russian forms of ownership, 1 person – at public and religious organizations, 10 people – at organizations with foreign capital participation.

The average number of people working at large and medium organizations of the district for 9 months of 2012 amounted to 2353 people.

The quantity of the unemployed registered in state institutions of employment service (for the end of the year), people:











The average salary of people working in the economy according to the types of economic activity (rubles):

Types of economic activity






Agriculture, hunting and forestry5882,16689,56389,48487,29947,3
Manufacturing activities10477,711569,69385,911949,013716,1
Production and distribution of electric power, gas and water6116,26649,67382,67526,28248,6
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicle, household goods and personal demand items 4947,17333,310339,212397,913098,1
Transportation and communication1950,024357,1
Operations with real estate, rent and rendering services7399,18965,410999,011132,510085,3
State administration and realization of military safety, social insurance 10783,814396,017209,817375,418129,0
Medical care and rendering social services6073,48934,610038,010194,011276,3
Rendering other communal, social and personal services5454,16538,88340,87565,28182,5
Average salary of people working in the economy8979,910940,011295,012884,113718,1


The system of education of Parfino municipal district is represented with the network of educational institutions.

The quantity of children getting nursery educational service as of 01.09.2012 amounted to 648 people.
The system of general education institutions of the district is represented with 6 schools: 3 basic general education schools and 3 secondary general education schools. The quantity of children as of 01.09.2012 amounts to 1268 people.

The system of additional education for children is developing. The district has the institution of  additional education for children AMU DOD «Children creativity center», where 399 people study. 100 % of pupils of the municipal district get services on additional education in educational institutions. Education is realized on different spheres: sport and recreation, art and aesthetic, scientific and technical, ecological and biological, tourist and historical, war and patriotic and others.

On the municipal district territory Parfino branch of OJSC of MPEI «Starorus college of production technologies and economics» is located, where 40 people study. The institution prepares personnel on the programs of initial professional education on professions «Seller, cashier-controller», «Pastry-cook», «Plasterer, colorer».

System of medical care

The system of medical institutions is represented with central district hospital (CDH) for 80 beds, Pola hospital for 16 beds, Parfino polyclinics, 11 feldsher-midwife stations.

From 96 beds: day and night – 59 beds, day – 37 beds.

Central district hospital includes:

  • surgery ward;
  • therapeutic ward;
  • women disease ward;
  • children disease ward.

Pola hospital includes:

  • therapeutic ward;
  • general practice doctor office.

Parfino district polyclinics – for 150 visits a turn.

At GOBUZ «Parfino CDH» there are 175 people working, including 17 doctors, 91 – middle medical personnel, 29 – paramedical personnel, 38 – other personnel.

Cultural institutions

There are 27 cultural institutions in the municipal district. The conditions are formed for aesthetic children development in the municipal district.

Physical training and sports

Parfino municipal district as of 01.01.2012 had 27 sport facilities, including 4 sport halls, 12 flat sport facilities (playgrounds), 1 field-and-track manege, 10 locations aimed for going in for sports.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The basis of the district economic potential is industry, agriculture and transport communication, building and retail.

174 enterprises and organizations (excluding self-employed) were registered in January 1, 2012.
The specific weight for the enterprises and organizations in economic activities on January 1, 2012  as a percentage of the total number of institutions are:

  • Manufacturing - 12.1%;
  • Agriculture, hunting and forestry - 9.2%;
  • Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water - 0.6%;
  • Construction - 2.3%;
  • Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, household goods and personal items - 14.9%;
  • Hotels and restaurants - 1.7;
  • Transport and communication - 3.4%;
  • Education - 9.8 %;
  • Health and social services - 3.4%;
  • Other - 42.6%.

In the village Parfino „Parfinsky plywood factory“ operates, which plays an important role in its socio-economic development. The main activity is the production of birch plywood. Since 2009, the company is in the process of bankruptcy. However, the company operates during this time.

The most important factor influencing the situation in the development of „Parfinsky plywood factory“ is the problem solution about the owner.  At present there is an ongoing of the bankruptcy proceedings, in which the first tender were announced , that did not take place at the appointed time in August 2012. The second tender is being planned.

The main activity of the Centre of work adaptation for convicted persons PKU IR № 9 FPS of Russia in Novgorod region is the production of goods for own use.

Agriculture is one of the main directions of economic development of the municipal area.
Agricultural production in the area are carried out by 6 collective enterprises, including: 1 - Regional State Unitary Enterprise „Nalyuchi“ (in 10/01/2012, the industrial activity was ceased in connection with the liquidation process), 1 - agricultural production cooperative „Parfinsky“,  4 - Limited liability Company: LLC „Farmer-Service“,  LLC „Vitamin“,  LLC „New yard“,  LLC „Trading House New yard“, 2361 - private households, 40 - individual entrepreneurs (KFH).

Investment potential

The priority spheres of attracting investments are traditional ones – agriculture, industrial production, particularly, wood-working.

Arrangement of new productions is due to competitive advantages of our district. First, it is geographic location favorable for investors, developed transportation network, developed infrastructure.

The municipal district has definite developed and potential resources of generally spread minerals (sand, peat, clay) and ground waters, fresh and saline. The most deposits, mineral shows and perspective areas are located near active roads.

Deposits of peat, constructive sands in Pola river corridor, roadside deposits of sand and alluvium material can be involved into economic turnover quickly. Clay deposits Ramushevo can be used as raw base for producing common brick after maturation moderate in volume.

Favorable ecologic atmosphere, absence of harmful productions nearby give possibilities for developing different kinds of tourism (farm, ethnographic, hunting, fishing and others). The municipal district has rich cultural heritage, which includes monuments of archeology, architecture. Totally in the district there are 39 archeological monuments listed in the state number and guarded as monuments of local significance. The district is rich with cleanest ground water sources. Remains of aristocratic estates are kept. The district has a rich military history, 36 military burials are located on its territory.

The weaknesses of the municipal district are low level of population profits and salary of working people, population outflow to other places for permanent residence, insufficient fiscal capacity, weak material and technical base of production and non-production organizations, qualified personnel deficit.


Electricity supply

Electricity supply for consumers of the municipal district is realized on electric networks of the branch of OJSC «MRSK North-West-Novgorodenergo», OJSC «Novgorodoblenergo».

In the municipal district exploitation of electric equipment of the branch of OJSC «MRSK North-West-Novgorodenergo» is realized by Parfino RES of production subdivision «Starorus electric networks».

Electric supply for consumers of the district is realized with 4 substations of 35-110 kW. Total length of VL 35-110 kW amounts to 133,3 km. On the municipal district territory there are 123 items of TP 6-10/0,4 kW, total set transformer capacity is 15110 kWA. Transmission lines network 6-10 kW of the district consists of 24 items of VL-6-10 kW of total length of 282,6 km. The length of networks 0,38 kW of the district amounts to 181,4 km.

In 2012 reconstruction of substation 110/10/6 kW «Parfino» is finished. To improve security of electric supply of objects we have changed off-market equipment, transformers with heightening total nominal capacity, given to consumers from 15,7 MBA to 32 MBA considering the perspectives of municipal district development.

Electric substation capacity meets the requirements of economy and population and has a considerable reserve.

Heat supply

For servicing the branch of LLC «ME HCA NGKS» «HCA of Parfino district» in heat economy there are 18 boiler stations, including working on solid fuel (stone coal and firewood) 11 items, including 2 boiler stations which are additional heating only buildings of water-treating facilities (WTF) of Parfino settlement and WTF of Pola settlement, and 7 boiler stations working on gas fuel (heat conductor is water). 7 boiler stations are located in Parfino settlement, 11 ones are located in rural places.

Set capacity of boiler stations is 48,33 Gcal/h. The boiler stations are equipped with boilers in the amount of 37 items, the main mark is KBC-0,45.

The total length of conduits of heating networks in double-conduit calculation is 19,9 km, including hot water supply of 2,444 km, heating of 17,456 km.

Water and sewage utilities

The district has 2 water-treating facilities of total capacity of 22,8 thousand m³ a day (in Parfino the capacity is 20,2 thousand m³ a day, in Pola – 2,6 thousand m3) and 2 biological treatment plants of raw waste waters day (in Parfino the capacity is 6,6 thousand m3 a day, in Pola – 0,7 thousand m³).

Gas supply

Parfino gas area of brunch-trust «Ctarorusmezhraygas» of OJSC «Novgorodoblgas» services 3 GDP (gas-distribution plants), two of them are located in Parfino and one is in Pola; 10 BDP (box gas-distribution plants), including 8 ones in Parfino and 2 ones in Pola and over 26 km of gas networks, 2,9 km of them are of high pressure, 7,4 km are of medium pressure and 16,59 km are of low pressure.

Communication and telecommunication

The district has developed network of mail and telephone communication.

Electric telephone network on the district territory includes 7 rural ATS of capacity of 1306 numbers, 2 urban ATS for 1880 numbers (including 1 analogic ATS for 1400 numbers and 1 digital ATS for 480 numbers) and 1 institutional of OJSC «Parfino plywood mill» for 200 numbers. There are 1404 Internet ports.

The district territory is completely covered with mobile communication operators (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele 2).

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

Parfino district Administration address: Carl Marx str., 60, Parfino settlement, Novgorod region, 175130.

First deputy Chief of administration
Khatuntsev Nikolay Vasilyevich
Phone: +7 (81650) 6-30-36;

Deputy Chief of administration
Ivanov Nikolay Anatolyevich
Phone: +7 (81650) 6-12-41.

Head of economics and trade department
Ivanova Lyudmila Ivanovna
Phone: +7 (81650) 6-14-59.

Chief specialist of economics and trade department
Boytsova Natalya Nikolayevna
Phone: +7 (81650) 6-14-59.

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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