Investment passport of Pestovsky district

Dear friends!

The Pestovo district is beautiful and rich with natural resources. Everyone who ever visited the district would add it’s worth of being immortalized in art.

It’s a paradise for hunters and fishers, and all people who love the great outdoors. We love our district and preserve it for our children.

Pestovo is well known by wide array of cultural, educational and sport facilities.

The priority direction for economics is attracting investments t the sphere of industrial production, agriculture, rural building development, tourism etc.

The district has a rich history and retains a strong cultural tradition anlong with great potential for investment projects.

We are ready for cooperation with potential investors! Welcome to the Pestovo district!

Andrey Nikolayevich Gazetov,
Pestovo district head.


Historical reference

Pestovo district territory is located in the middle reach of Mologa river. Ancient human settlements on Mologa are related by archeologists to the epoch of Mesolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic, Bronze Age. The settlements of the Iron Age are related to Finno-Ugrians, heirs of Dyakon culture of Volga-Oka inter-stream and upper Volga. In Pestovo district the names of the rivers keep heritage of Finno-Ugrian culture: Kitma, Kirva, Mologa.

Pestovo district began to develop intensively in connection with railway construction on the area of Pestovo-Mga in 1915. The first train went through Pestovo station in 1919.

The station was called in honor of Russkoye Pestovo village located in two milestones from it.

Present Pestovo district was separated from Ustyuzhna county in 1927. In 1924 according to the concession contract with Germany a sawmill appeared on the bank of Mologa. Its construction gave rise to the worker’s settlement of Pestovo.

On January 12, 1965 by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Pestovo settlement became the town under regional jurisdiction.

Geographical description

Pestovo municipal district is adjacent on the West with Moshen district, on the North-West – with Khvoininsk one, on the North-East – with Vologda region, on the South – with Tver region. The town of Pestovo, being a district center, is 320 km from regional center, Velikiy Novgorod, 500 km from Saint Petersburg. The municipal district is crossed with railway, connecting Moscow with Saint Petersburg. The length of this railway within the district territory is 75 km. The district is also crossed with highway Valday-Ustyuzhna. The length of this highway within the district territory is 70 km.

The district is populated by 21 thousand 512 people. The territory of the town and district is 212 thousand hectares. The district territory has 204 populated localities included in seven rural settlements and Pestovo urban settlement.

Pestovo municipal district relief is gently undulating. Overwhelming heights are 100-200 meters above sea level. The biggest meaning in relief formation was defined with the last Valday glaciation.

The climate of municipal district is moderately continental, close to maritime. Winter is moderately cold, summer is moderately warm. Average temperature of the warmest month (July) is + 16,80 C. The coldest month is January. Average temperature is – 10,30 C. Average annual quantity of rainfall is 648 mm. The wind is overwhelmingly south-western – 3-4 m/sec.

The main waterway is Mologa river crossing the municipal district from the North-East to the South-West. South-Western part of the district comprises the most quantity of lakes: Meglino, Luko, Schegrino, Beloye, Chernoye, Sominets, Rydolozh and others.

Natural resources

The raw base of Pestovo municipal district is represented with seven deposits of peat, the reserves of which amount to 19 792 thousand tons, five deposits of sand and sand-alluvium mixtures in the quantity of 938,5 thousand cubic meters.

Land resources of the municipal district — 211 thousand hectares:

  • farmland — 18%;
  • forests — 71 %.

The main wealth of the municipal district is forest. The most widespread types of forest are spruce, pine with the mixture of small-leafed species, such as birch, aspen, alder.

The forests in municipal district cover 136,3 thousand ha, 65,6 % of them are leafed species. The total reserve of wood is about 23 000 thousand m³.

The calculating cut-over land for 2011 amounted to 339,8 thousand m3, real usage for 2011 is 32,6 %, in 2010 – 24,2 %.

Social description

The quantity of resident population is 21 512 people, including urban population of 15 851 people, rural one of 5661 people. 45,6 % of the total quantity of population are men, 54,4 % are women. The share of population of employable age amounts to 57,7 % of the quantity of resident population (or 12,4 thousand people), younger than employable age – 16,4 % (3,5 thousand people), older than employable age – 25,2% (5,7 thousand people).

Average annual quantity of economically active population amounts to 8,1 thousand people, including the quantity of working at large and medium enterprises – 3,3 thousand people, in small business – 3 thousand people. The registered unemployment level as of November 1, 2012 amounted to 0,33 % or 42 unemployed people, including 30 women, 12 men. About 28,5% have higher education.

Average salary for January-September 2012 amounted to 18 522 rubles. The highest salary is in transport and communication, that is 32 469 rubles, the lowest one is in rendering other communal, social and personal services, that is 10 467 rubles.

Medical care

Nowadays medical care structure includes:

  • Central district hospital (for 225 beds), which includes 6 treatment wards equipped with modern facilities;
  • polyclinics;
  • 17 rural feldsher-midwife stations;
  • 2 drugstores, 6 pharmacies;
  • ambulance station.

At medical institutions 340 people are working, including 43 doctors, 154 medium medical personnel.


To provide the availability of qualitative education the municipal district has 12 general educational schools with the quantity of 2137 pupils, 10 nursery educational institutions in which 972 children get educational services. Additional education can be got by pupils in MEI «Inter-school education-production plant» on 8 educational programs: technology, wood processing, PC user, cooking, accounting and entrepreneurship, wood working technology, law basics.

RAEI (regional autonomic educational institution) of MPE (medium professional education) Borovichi college of construction industry and economics for 250 places realizes education on 11 specializations.

In MAUDOD «Out-of-school education center» 605 children study in 14 circlets and 40 groups. The pupils of exemplary children collectives: musical studio «Sunny town», dancing studio «Province», painting studio «MalyaKa» are the winners not only of regional, but also All-Russian competitions.

For organizing children summer recreation there is recreation country camp «Druzhba».


Cultural institutions pay special attention to renewing public traditions, developing public art, improving cultural activity. 13 collectives are public, exempling.

In the district there are 19 recreation centers, 19 libraries.

Children art school educates 260 pupils on such divisions as choreography, piano, instrumental performance, art, choir singing.

Special attention is paid to keeping monuments of history, culture and archeology. Pestovo citizens commemorate landsmen fallen on the fronts of the Great Patriotic war, in flash points. 20 memorials are set in all rural settlements and in the town as a sign of gratitude for feats accomplished by landsmen.


One of priority spheres of district Administration is stimulating population to healthy way of life. To realize it the district has a great sport base enabling to hold not only district and regional competitions, but also All-Russian ones. Totally the district has 71 sport objects. Pestovo citizens go in for sports in 17 sports halls, on lighted ski-roller run, in a swimming-pool with two baths, on a rowing base, in football manege, sport and fitness complex «Energetic». Children improve their sport achievements in children sport school, in five divisions 560 children go in for sports.

Six football fields, four shooting ranges, 28 sports grounds let all the categories of population go in for sports actively.

Social protection

The district has a network of social assistance for elderly and lonely people. There are:

  • SISS (state institution of social service) «Pestovo center of social servicing of population» (over 295 people are serviced);
  • SISS (state institution of social service) «Pestovo hostel for invalids and elderly people» (for 24 places);
  • SISS (state institution of social service) «Pestovo social repair for children» (for 15 places).

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The base of economic potential of municipal district includes industry, agriculture, retail trade, construction, transportation and communication.

The list of main industrial enterprises:

Name of enterprise

Type of activity

Quantity of workers

LLC «YPM-Kyummene Chudovo»
Separate subdivision Pestovo sawmill
Wood processing and producing goods of wood


CJSC «Mezhkhozles»


LLC «Pestovokhleb»Food production


LLC «Lik»Forest harvesting


Branch of LLC «ME of HCA «Novzhilcommunservice» of «HCA of Pestovo district»Steam and water production


LLC «Green Energy»Production of fuel pellets


The municipal district industry is represented with two large enterprises:

  • separate subdivision «Pestovo sawmill» of LLC «YPM-Kyummene Chudovo», which has the largest part of total volume of products loaded by large and medium processing enterprises – 97 %. Timber production amounts to 240 thousand cubic meters a year.
  • LLC «Pestovokhleb» produces bread and bakery products in the quantity of 1540 tons a year.
    For 2011 large and medium processing enterprises of the municipal district loaded products of their own production for 1 billion 486 million rubles.


Agricultural production in the district is realized by 12 agricultural enterprises, 19 farms and 3279 personal small holdings.

The holdings comprise 2 thousand 37 items of cattle, including 1 thousand 235 cows.

The main types of agricultural production are: in animal breeding – milk and meat production, in plant cultivation – raising of crops, potatoes, vegetables.

For 2011 agricultural producers produced 5538 tons of milk.

Trade, consumer services

Nowadays in the district there are 345 trade objects, including food – 78, non-food – 189, mixed – 78; 22 generally available catering enterprises, 2 universal markets, agricultural market. Various consumer services for population are rendered by 4 enterprises and 34 individual entrepreneurs.

Endowment with sales areas per 1000 people amounts to 716 m2 and is one of the highest in the region.

Small business

538 individual entrepreneurs and 114 legal entities – subjects of small entrepreneurship realize their activity on the district territory.

Main types of small business activity:

  • timber harvesting and processing;
  • construction;
  • block-container production;
  • trade and procurement activities;
  • passenger and freight transportation;
  • rendering consumer services.

District purpose oriented program «Small and medium business development for 2008 - 2012» is realized, within the framework of which support was rendered to 189 subjects of small and medium entrepreneurship:

  • 27 subjects got micro-credits through Novgorod fund of small business support;
  • 31 beginning subjects of small and medium business were represented with grants for organizing their own business;
  • 131 subjects of small entrepreneurship passed education on labor protection and fire safety.


Pestovo has all the modern types of communication. There is automatic trunk-call and international telephone communication, telegraph, fax, e-mail, Internet. The district has 4 firms of mobile communication: MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2. Local newspaper «Nasha zhizn’», which is issued twice a week, social and politic newspaper «Pestovskaya pravda» are published.

Investment potential

Pestovo municipal district is a district of the region, which is developing  dynamically and which has a series of stable competitive advantages:

  • location at the junction of three regions (Tver, Vologda, Novgorod);
  • availability of vast land resources;
  • availability of peat reserves and forest resources;
  • availability of a transportation network (railroad and automobile roads);
  • growth of the quantity and turnover of small enterprises;
  • low level of unemployment;
  • striving of the local authorities of the district for economic growth of the district.

The following spheres will be priorities of social–economic development for private investors:

  • energy complex;
  • agro–industrial complex;
  • machine–building;
  • timber economy;
  • extraction and processing of useful minerals;
  • construction;
  • development of the touristic infrastructure.

The Administration of the municipal district has approved for improvement of the investment attractiveness of the district:

  • decree of 27.10.2011 No. 1201, which provides for application of an additional coefficient when enterprises, which realize investment projects, which have decisions of the Administration of Novgorod region about approval, are calculating the rental payment for land plots. The size of a coefficient equals 70% of the cadastre value of a land lot;
  • decree of 15.03.2012 No. 255 “About approval of district goal–oriented program “Development of the market of petroleum products in Pestovo municipal district for the years 2012-2014”.

29 investment sites are included into the base “Free investment sites of Novgorod region”.

The district does not possess obviously expressed economic advantages for intensification of social–economic development. These factors do not favour development of the district:

  • absence of plentiful enough deposits of useful minerals;
  • absence of big enterprises with the quantity of personnel over 500 persons;
  • Pestovo town is a monotown;
  • small business is presented with small manufactures with the quantity of personnel from 5 to 60 persons with low levels of manufacture automation;
  • absence of a gas pipe with natural gas.


Water supply

The basic source of economic and drinking water supply is ground water from 98 water-well holes, including 18 water-well holes in Pestovo and two surface water intakes from Mologa river for technological needs of two steam boiler stations. Project capacity of holes in the town is 11,2 thousand m³ a day, set production capacity is 2,5 thousand m³ a day.

Water production from water-well holes in the district amounts to 500 thousand m³ a year, including water for production needs of 16,7 thousand m³ a year, for economic and drinking needs of 518,1 m³ a year. The quantity of surface water intake from Mologa river for technological needs of boiler stations amounts to 66,1 thousand m³ a year.

Street water networks are 171 km long with direct return system, water supply network amortization amounts to 67 %. The material of tube is steel, PVC.

Per-capita water consumption is 109 liters a day for a person. Water quality cooperates with SaNPiN «Drinking water».

Water removal

Centralized water removal system covers 43 % of all the territory of Pestovo. The length of canalization network is 24,4 km, including pumped sewers of 10,3 km. Waste water from population and industrial enterprises in quantity of 504,4 thousand m³ pass to biological treatment plants located 3,2 km to the North-West from Pestovo in Sloboda village where they are completely biologically treated. The capacity of treatment plants amounts to 2,7 thousand m³ a day. The amortization of canalization networks amounts to 32 %.

Heat supply

Providing heat for dwelling stock and other consumers of the municipal district is realized from 21 boiler stations, equipped with boilers of small and medium productivity.

Set capacity of all heat supply sources amounts to 74,4 Gcal per hour. Annual heat energy production amounts to 77972 Gcal. The most heat burden is taken with 2 boiler stations: № 22 (fuel - masut) and № 25 (fuel – refuse wood).

The basic problems of heat supply are the following:

  • 70% of boiler stations are built in 1980s using their own resources without typical projects in special lodgments in which it is impossible to produce technical re-equipment;

Nowadays a new boiler station which cooperates with all modern requirements is built in Pestovo.
Transportation of heat from boiler stations is realized on main and distribution heating networks. Heat conductor for systems heating and ventilation is water of t=95,700C and c t=600C for hot water supply. The system of heat supply is double-tube, with above-ground and underground routing, closed. Total length of heating networks is 31,7 km in double-tube, amortization amounts to 34 %. 

Exploitation and supervision of technical state of heating networks is realized by the brunch of LLC «ME of HCA (housing and community amenities) «Novzhilcommunservice» of «HCA (housing and community amenities) of Pestovo district».

Gas supply

On the municipal district territory there is no gas pipe line with natural gas. Municipal district is serviced with Pestovo gas area. In 2009 gas-filling station and liquefied petroleum gas delivery by railway transport was preserved. Liquefied gas delivery is realized from the town of Borovichi.

Electricity supply

Nowadays electric supply for consumers in the municipal district is realized from systems of OJSC «MRSK North-West-Novgorodenergo» on VL-110 kW through reducing substation 110/10 kW «Pestovo» on outgoing cable and air lines of 10 kW of OJSC «Novgorodoblcommunenergo» and institutional cable lines (Pestovo EMP and separate subdivision «Pestovo sawmill» of LLC «YPM-Kyummene Chudovo»).

Percentage of amortization of cable and air electric lines amounts to 33% - 95%. Total length of cable lines of 10 kW is 10,6 km, air lines of 10 kW is 54,6 km, cable lines of 0,4 kW is 11 km, air lines of 0,4 kW is 167,8 km.

Map of municipal districts

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