Investment passport of Shimsky district

Dear friends!

I am immensely glad to greet you to the land of Shimsk!

Shimsk is a long-populated area, which is hinted at in the name of the central town of the district. In the days long ago, river Shelon’ still being a wild copious stream, carried “shims” – the curls of foam – to its inflow, and that local phenomenon was noticed by the first settlers of the Ilmen’ Slavs, who called the place Shimsk.

Shimsk today is a modern town, driven by the effort of our honorable fellow countryfolk: industrial workers, agricultural workers, medical workers and teachers, cultural and trade workers. We are grateful to everyone who contributes to the prosperity of our district. Always glad to see you in the land of Shimsk.


Historical reference

The history of Shimsk district dates back to hoary antiquity. Since distant times the situation in the middle of the way between Staraya Russa and Novgorod played the paramount role in the history of the settlement. Novgorod guberniya (province) (1727-1927) was situated on the territory of ancient Novgorod land. Shimsk volost’ was a part of Novgorod uyezd (district) of Novgorod guberniya.

Initially, from the year 1927, the district centre was in Medved’, therefore the district was called Medved district.

Shimsk district was formed on the 15 of February of the year 1935 among the 10 new districts of Leningrad region. From February of the year 1935 to July of the year 1944 Shimsk district included 17 village councils. On the 5 of July of the year 1944 Shimsk district was transferred from Leningrad region to newly formed Novgorod region. In the end of the 50–es, in the beginning of the 60–es village councils were enlarged in the district, administrative borders were set up between Shimsk and Volot, and between Staraya Russa and Shimsk districts.

In April of the year 1963 the territory of Shimsk district was transferred to Soltsy district.

On the 1 of February of the year 1973 Shimsk district was formed again.

At the present time Shimsk municipal district is a municipal formation, which consists of 1 town and 3 village settlements, united by the common territory:

  • Shimsk town settlement (the administrative centre is workers’ settlement Shimsk);
  • Medved’ village settlement (the administrative centre is Medved’ village);
  • Utorgosh village settlement (the administrative centre is railway station Utorgosh);
  • Podgoshchi village settlement (the administrative centre is Podgoshchi village).

From the year 1981 Shimsk has the status of a town type settlement, from the year 2006 Shimsk is a workers’ settlement.

Geographical description

Shimsk district is a part of North–West economic region of the Russian Federation. The district is situated in the western part of Novgorod region, 48 kilometres to the south–west from the regional centre — Velikiy Novgorod. The distance to Saint–Petersburg is 250 km, to Moscow — 577 km.

The area of the district equals 1.8 thousand km2. The administrative centre is workers’ settlement Shimsk. The quantity of the population of Shimsk district for the 1 of January of the year 2012 equalled 11,850 people, including 3,883 people of the town population, 7,967 people of the country population.

The district centre is situated at the crossing of three roads: federal highway “Novgorod–Pskov” (which connects the district with the Baltic countries, Belarus’ and Ukraine) and two regional “Novgorod–Pskov–Theophilova Pustyn’” and “Shimsk–Staraya Russa–Loknya–Nevel’”. Octyabrskaya railway passes on the territory of the district too. Railway station Utorgosh is 35 km from the district centre (on the line Dno–Batetskaya–Pavlovsk), the distance from Utorgosh station to Velikiy Novgorod on the railway is 101 km. Due to its convenient geographical situation, the district has good communication with Moscow and Saint–Petersburg.

The hydrological regime of the territory is conditioned by rivers Shelon’, Mshaga, Strupenka and their tributaries. The rivers are not suitable for navigation, except for Shelon’. The biggest water reservoir is Ilmen’ lake. There are small lakes: Kosovskoye and Kamenskoye (Svyatoye). The other lakes are not big, and they are at the stage of growing over.

Natural resources

Shimsk district possesses a rich base of minerals and raw materials. There are big reserves of peat, section “South–eastern” of Borovskoye field is exploited by LLC “Severnaya polyana”. The state reserve includes “Stehovskoye”, “Berezin moh” and “Gryadskaya kroma” fields. “Prusskiy moh–lyubach”, “Severnoye” and “Medvedskoye” have good prospects.

Sand, sand and gravel mixture are quarried at 5 fields of the district: OSC “Novgorodskiy port”, LLC “Granodiorite”, OSC “DEP-78” (road operation enterprise), LLC “Shimskoye DEP”. There are 5 more fields in the state reserve.

Carbonaceous rocks deposits are exploited: “Luki”, “Zhary”, “Solonitsko-1”, “Baranovo-3”. The quarrying is performed by LLC “Sever” and LLC “Shimskoye DEP”. There are other deposits with good prospects too.
LLC “Ilmen’–Ross” produces mineral water on the base of “Uspolon’” deposit, table water on the base of “Sharok” deposit. LLC “Obshchestvo proizvoditeley vody” (“Society of water producers”) produces table water on the base of “Chudskoye” deposit.

There are reserves of clay and healing muds, suitable for industrial exploitation, on the territory of the district.

There are forest resources. The total area of the forests of Shimsk forestry equals 118,186 ha. The main forest–forming species in the forests of the district are birch — 47 % of the area of forests, white alder — 22 %, aspen — 12 %, other species are pine–tree, fir–tree, black alder, willow and other — less than 10%.

Social description

Certain stabilization on the labour market of Shimsk district has been noted. The quantity of the employed people stays approximately at the same level since the year 2007, and it equals 3.5 thousand people.
Agricultural enterprises, private entrepreneurs, the branch of NOPO “Shimskoye raypo” lack qualified workers.

178 people applied to the district employment service during 9 months of the year 2012 for provision of state services in the sphere of employment of the population. 66 people were acknowledged unemployed. The share of the citizens acknowledged unemployed of the total quantity of citizens, who have applied for assistance in search of work, equalled 37 %.

The level of registered unemployment as of 01.10.2012 equalled 0.3 %, as of 01.10.2011 — 0.6 %.
151 people were provided with employment in the year 2012 (including 48 unemployed people). 39 people received permanent work, 112 — temporary work. The level of employment equalled 70.6 %.

The average monthly salary of the big and middle organizations of the district during 9 months of the year 2012 equalled 17,755.0 rubles. Growth equalled 124.3 % in relation to January–September of the year 2011, however salaries in Shimsk district are 19.7 % lower than the average salary in the region (22,122.3 rubles in the region).

The gap between the sizes of salaries in different sectors of the economy remains. Salaries are lower than the average district value in the sectors of education (16,686.3 rubles), health care and rendering of social services (12,239.6 rubles), rendering of other communal, social and personal services (10,346.2 rubles), hotels and restaurants (13,790.5 rubles) and other sectors. In the sectors of transportation and communications the average salary during the 9 months equalled 35,058.1 rubles, state government and provision of military security, social insurance — 20,328.2 rubles.

GOBUZ “Shimsk central district hospital” and LLC “Shimsk–Denta” provide medical services in the district. GOBUZ “Shimsk central district hospital” is composed of a polyclinic, a therapeutic department, a surgical department, a dentistry department, two ambulatories, 15 first aid and obstetrical stations. две амбулатории. LLC “Shimsk–Denta” provides stomatologic services.

12 municipal education institutions provide educational services, of them: 6 schools, 5 kindergartens, a centre of additional education of children and three state education institutions (Shimsk branch of “Agrolyceum No. 25”, a children’s home).

Municipal budget establishments “Shimsk centralized culture–and–leisure system” with 14 branches, “Shimsk intersettlement library system” with 14 village branches, “Shimsk house of crafts and folk arts” with Shimsk branch museum, municipal institution of additional education of children “Shimsk children’s music school” with classes in Medved’ village and at Utorgosh railway station.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The main manufacturing spheres of Shimsk municipal district are: industry, agriculture, forestry and commerce.

In the year 2012 16 enterprises manufactured industrial products (12 of them are small) and 5 entrepreneurs. Sawn timber, flax fibre, building facing tile, hosiery goods, mineral casting goods, mineral and table waters, peat, carbonaceous rocks are produced, sand and gravel quarries are exploited and so on. During 9 months the volume of production equalled 110.5 million rubles, which is 2.0 % less than the year of the last year. The processing manufactures have the share of 39.9% (44.1 million rubles) in the volume of industrial manufacture, the turnover of the organizations, which extract useful minerals, equalled 27.7 million rubles (25.1%), the share of the organizations, which generate and distribute electrical energy, gas and water, equalled 35% (38.7 million rubles) for the reporting period.

8 agricultural organizations, 28 individual farms, 3,443 individual garden plots are engaged in manufacture of agricultural products. LLC “Utorgoshskiy flax rettery” grows fibre flax. The farms of the municipal district of all the categories produced 2,882.7 tonnes of milk, 222.8 tonnes of meat (cattle and poultry for killing in live weight), 760 thousand eggs during 9 months of the year 2012. There are 718 pigs, 1,518 heads of cattle, 1,664 sheep and goats, 39 horses in the district as of 01.10.2012. Provision with fodders in the district as of 15.10.2012 is 31 centners of fodder units per 1 cattle unit (7.5 centners of fodder units more than in the respective period of the previous year). Winter grain crops were sown on the area of 342 ha. for the harvest of the year 2013, and 350 ha. of land were ploughed in the autumn for spring sowing.

The area occupied by the forests of the district equals 118.2 thousand ha. The calculated felling area in the district is determined in the volume of 356.2 thousand m3 of sellable timber. 34.8 thousand m3 of the felling area fund were felled during the 9 months of the year 2012. 9.8 % of the calculated felling area were used.

Transportation service is one of the most important elements of the social–economic infrastructure of Shimsk municipal district. Transportation of passengers by common use automobile vehicles of suburban communication on the territory of the municipal district has been performed by LLC “Autoprokat” since the 4 of September of the year 2012. The enterprise has 10 buses, it services 29 routes of suburban communication. The bus fleet was renovated in the year 2012 in the quantity of 8 PAZ busses.

Maintenance and repairs of federal road “Novgorod–Pskov” passing on the territory of the municipal district was performed by OSC “DEP-78”. Works on the regional automobile roads were performed by LLC “Novgorodskoye DRP” (road–repairing enterprise), CSC “Trest zelyonogo hozyaystva” (“Green services trust”), GOUP “Veche”, LLC “Shimskoye DEP”, CSC “Shtrabag”. LLC “Grad” performed marking of the roadbed on the regional roads. The Administration of the municipal district, the administrations of the town and village settlements performed works on maintenance and repairs of local roads.

Commerce is one of the indicators of the welfare of the population in the district. 64 economic entities, which have 146 shopping objects, performed commercial activity as of the 1 of October of the year 2012. The sales area of all the commercial enterprises is 6,155 m², provision with sales areas per 1000 inhabitants as of 01.10.2012 equalled 519.4 m², while the norm is 339 m². Besides, two retail markets work in the district. The turnover of retail commerce through all the sale channels equalled 445.9 million rubles for 9 months of the year 2012 (in comparable prices — 105.5 % in relation to the level of the year 2011). The turnover of public catering equalled 20.1 million rubles.

Investment potential

Conducting the analysis of the social–economic development of the district, we can distinguish the strong and weak sides of the municipal formation.

Strong sides

Geographical and transportation position:

  • the advantageous geographical position favours development of connections between regions. Shimsk district is situated near the economically developed regions (Velikiy Novgorod, Moscow, Saint–Petersburg).

Natural conditions and resources:

  • favourable soil–climatic conditions;
  • presence of monuments of history and architecture;
  • touristic potential of the district;
  • rich base of minerals and raw materials.

Economic and human potential:

  • growth of the quantity of small and middle enterprises;
  • availability of free manufacturing areas;
  • availability of territories of effective use of land;
  • availability of local labour resources;
  • growth of the average monthly calculated earnings of the employees of the enterprises of the district.

Weak sides

Insufficient competitive ability of the products, capital assets and technologies:

  • obsolete technologies;
  • significant degree of wear of the capital assets;
  • outflow of monetary means from the district;
  • low level of the productivity of labour;
  • deficit of budgetary means;
  • high degree of wear of the fleet of machines and tractors of the agricultural enterprises;
  • absence of a ground for hard household waste;
  • absence of town–forming enterprises and important manufactures in the district;
  • absence of building of housing for the population;
  • big wear of the housing fund and communications.

Social and demographic problems:

  • reduction of the population, the main factors of which are not only natural, but migration decrease too;
  • low level of the earnings of the population, aggravated by constant growth of prices;
  • ageing of the population (worsening of the proportions of age groups younger and older than the employable age);
  • growth of the quantity of socially insecure citizens;
  • outflow of youth from the municipal district;
  • low level of service and organization of tourism.

The main tasks of the investment policy of Shimsk municipal district are creation of conditions for development of investment activity, mobilization of the available and attraction of new investment sources into the real sector of the economy. The agricultural complex, building of housing, the environmental sphere and commerce have been determined as priority spheres of investments for the medium–term outlook.

The Administration of the municipal district has developed a plan of measures on attraction of investments; the order and periods of issuance of documents for allotment of land plots and issuance of building permits. A plan of privatization of the municipal property has been adopted.

Monitoring and analysis of investment projects, creation of a unified information base of investment projects is realized. The register of investment projects being realized and planned for realization. 24 investment projects are realized in the district as of 01.10.2012. Realization of these investment projects will influence the development of the economy of the region significantly, will favour growth of employment of the population and creation of new work positions, will serve broadening of the sphere of services and thus will raise the living standard of the inhabitants of the district.

The most significant for the municipal education projects are “Building of a poultry complex for rearing and processing of the meat of turkey with capacity 30 thousand tonnes per year” (LLC “Tsar’s bird”), “Building of housing small town for OSC “MN Druzhba” (OSC “MN Druzhba”), “Building of a complex for 1,330 cows and reconstruction of the existing complex for growing of replacement calves with organization of fattening of steers” (LLC “Prozhector”), “Building of a ground for hard household waste in Shimsk district” (the Administration of the municipal district) and other sites. 4 investment projects were realized during 9 months of the year 2012.

The Administration of Shimsk district plans to continue goal–oriented attraction of financial resources for realization of investment projects on the territory of the municipal district.


There is no deficit of electrical and heat power on the exploited objects and planned for the nearest years projects of development of infrastructure in Shimsk municipal district.

The length and wear of the networks: heating networks — 10.86 km, 3.8 km (35 %) of them need replacement; water–supply networks — 71.0 km, 54.2 km (76.3 %) of them need replacement; sewage networks — 12.3 km, 8.9 km (72.4 %) of them need replacement.

The capacities of the sewage purification works in Shimsk workers’ settlement and Medved’ village need urgent modernization. As a result of an agreement with CSC “ECOS” company” an investment project of building of purification works for 10,000 m³, replacement of water–supply and sewage networks and building of a water intake.

It is planned to realize water–supply of Pionerskaya and Himikov streets in Shimsk within regional target program “Modernization of the communal infrastructure objects for the years 2008–2012”. It is planned to build a deironing (and water purification) station for the goal of provision of the population with high–quality potable water in Medved’ village.

Work on provision of Shimsk with gas supply goes on. It is planned to realize gas supply on Melioratorov, Zadorozhnaya and Zarechnaya streets, in houses No. 22 and 24 on Novgorodskaya street. It is planned to build a gas pipeline up to Staryi Shimsk village in the year 2012. Gas–distribution networks will be built in Staryi Shimsk in the year 2013.

Uninterruptible energy supply on the territory of the district is one of the main goals of work of the power services of the district. Repairs of the power transmission lines, cleaning of the ground under them, repairs of substations will be executed for heightening of the reliability of energy supply. Measures will be taken on provision of street illumination in settlements at the expense of the means of the settlements. It is planned to accept former power facilities, situated in Shimsk, at railway station Utorgosh, Medved’ village, into municipal ownership. Building of two power transmission lines of 330 thousand kW power from Velikiy Novgorod to oil–pumping station (NPS-7) and installation of 1 MW equipment on a substation are planned.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

First assistant of the Head of the Administration
Prudnikov Sergey Anatolyevich
Phone: +7 (81656) 54-634,
Fax: +7 (81656) 54-461,

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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