Investment passport of Valdaisky district

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Here, you can learn about the history and present of one of the most picturesque districts of the Novgorod region, find information on the present economic state of the district, and our future plans. We love our district, and hope you'll like it as well.


Historical reference

Valday region is beautiful with its picturesque landscapes, pure air, transparency of the lakes. It attracts with is beauty, mysteriousness of olden times. The antiquity of these places is spoken about by the archaeological monuments and numerous legends and tales about the origin of Valday town.

Valday is a comparatively young town. It is explained from the historical point of view with the fact, that in the middle ages the main river and ground roads in the east of the contemporary Novgorod region passed aloof from Valday lake — on Yavon’, Shlina, Msta, Polomet’ rivers, over Seliger lake. Ancient centres of commerce, craft and culture appeared there.

In the end of the XV–beginning of the XVI centuries the summer yam (post station) way from Vyshniy Volochok to Novgorod passed along Msta river, and those, who were named yamshchiks (no matter how strange it sounds nowadays), were in charge of accommodation of travellers, provided them with boats, rowers and rudder men. A more straight winter (sleigh) way passed on the ice of Valday lake from Stanki village to the highest hill — Winter mountain. A ground road was laid around the lake afterwards, near which Valday village began growing. In the year 1653 building of Iverskiy monastery, the founder of which was patriarch Nikon, began on Selvitskiy island of Valday lake. The monastery was destined to take a special place in the history of russian orthodoxy and the national history as a whole, and also in the history of russian culture as a unique monument of architecture, centre of tile manufacture, blacksmith and casting crafts, wood and stone carving, book printing.

After foundation of Petersburg (the year 1703) and transformation of it into the capital of Russia the dirt road from Moscow to the banks of Neva was put in order. Strings of carts, carriages moved, teams of three horses raced, troops walked from morning till evening. Coaching inns, taverns, canteens were opened in the village. Commerce and crafts became lively. Valday bagels were much in demand. They were sold even on Volga quays.

On the 28 of May of the year 1770 according to a decree by Catherine II Valday village was “constituted as town”. Valday uyezd (district) was founded soon too.

In the years 1817–1834 the road between Moscow and Petersburg became the first road with hard pavement in Russia — it was paved with stones, making it more straight and shorter. Lively traffic went on. In the year 1851 Nikolayevskaya (now Octyabrskaya) railroad was opened, which took passengers and cargoes on itself, which passed along the high road before.

The garden of Heroes on Svoboda square, where an everlasting fire is burning, has become a holy place. Famous commanders of the 2–nd and 3–rd Leningrad partisan brigades Heroes of the Soviet Union lieutenant–colonel N. G. Vasilyev (his comsomol (Communist union of the youth) youth passed on Valday land) and major A. V. German rest here. Monuments have been erected on their graves.

Geographical description

Valday district is situated in the south–eastern part of Novgorod region on Valday  eminence. In the north Valday district borders on Kresttsy and Okulovka districts, in the south–east — with Demyansk district, and its neighbour from the west is Bologoye district of Tver region. The administrative centre is Valday town.

The relief of the country is undulating. High ranges of hills, brooks and rivulets running down to the lakes, picturesque groves, coniferous forests, numerous lakes with woody islets create unrepeatable beauty of the landscapes of these places. The hills and eminences come to 283 metres above the sea level in some places. The hills alternate with valleys, where boggy swamps can be found besides lakes too. Valday lake is one of the deepest in Novgorod region, in some places its depth comes to 52 metres. Big reserves of healing muds and of mineral waters with high balneotherapeutic properties have been explored. The district possesses significant recreational resources. Numerous lakes (more than 100) and diverse vegetation combined with the favourable environment were conditions for creation of Valday state natural national park in the year 1990. It embraces a significant part of the territory of the district, which provides the guarantee of state control over the natural welfare on this territory.

183 countryside settlements are situated on the territory of the district. Valday district occupies the area of 2.7 thousand square kilometres. The administrative centre is Valday town. The density of the population is 10 people per square kilometre.

The district has beneficial transportation–geographical position an automobile road (Saint–Petersburg – Moscow route) and a railroad with an exit to Moscow, Tallinn, Saint–Petersburg. The distance from Moscow is 370 km, from Saint–Petersburg — 330 km, Velikiy Novgorod — 142 km.

Natural resources

The climate of the district is temperate–continental. The soils are, mainly, turfy–podsolic. In the lowlands are formed boggy soils. There are 170 lakes on the territory of the district. Closed and running–water, exorheic (run–off) and sink (karst) lakes — all of them are beautiful in their own ways. More than 30 species of fish inhabit the lakes and rivers connected with them. Perch, roach, pike, burbot, orfe and bream are the catch of fishermen most often.

The natural situation in the district is favourable. Valday possesses a significant touristic potential: combination of the temperate–continental climate, unique natural landscapes, which have cognitive and natural importance, rich flora and fauna. The rivers and basins have temperature and water regime favourable for recreations. The nature is generous and diverse. There is possibility for hunting and fishing practically the whole year around. The undulating relief is very picturesque and, in the first instance, it is interesting for tourists (organization of foot and other kinds of routes). The hydromineral resources (chloride waters of “Truskavets” type, bromide, brackish waters of the mixed type), healing muds, freshwater sapropels, turf with a degree of decomposition more than 40 % can be used for organization of sanatorium treatment.

The relief of the locality is undulating. Naturally the geographical conditions have determined the peculiarity of flora too. Here, in the taiga–deciduous zone, fir and pine, rowan trees, juniper grow, mighty cedars are encountered. In the deciduous forests, mainly birch and aspen grow. The mineral–raw materials base of the district is not rich in useful minerals. Deposits of turf, brick clays, boulder–sand–gravel material have been revealed and prospected. Valday district is characterized with low relative content of organic matter (compared to the average regional values). Stock of 9 turf deposits with reserves about 16.5 million tonnes has been taken. The main part of the turf reserves is deposits of lowland type. The thickness of a turf bed does not exceed 75 metres. Stock of two deposits of brick clays with the total reserve of 991.2 thousand m³ has been taken, the deposits are shallow. The deposits are not developed at the present time. There are three deposits of boulder–sand–gravel material with the total reserve of 25.1 million m³. The deposit near Myslovichi and Maloye Ukleyno villages with the total reserves of 1.3 million m³, and filling up of the raw materials base at the expense of carbonate rocks, suitable for processing into crushed stones. Availability of three deposits in the district has been determined: Suhovo, Gryady, Vodorazdel deposits with about 40 million m³ of reserves.

Social description

The population of Valday municipal district for 01.01.2012 equalls 25,564 people. Of them:

  • Citizens of working age — 59.3 %;
  • Pensioners — 26.6 %;
  • Children up to 15 years — 14.1 %.

About 10 thousand people are occupied in different branches of economy.

The average monthly earnings of the employees of big and middle organizations in January–Septembre of the year 2012: 17,560 rubles.

The municipal health care service is represented with the State regional budget public health institution “Valday central district hospital”, which is composed of separate subdivisions:

  • Central district hospital;
  • Medical district hospitals: Yedrovo and Yazhelbitsy;
  • Centre of a general practitioner — Ivanteyevo;
  • 17 first–aid and obstetrical stations.

9 municipal autonomous general education institutions work in the district:

  • A gymnasium (high school);
  • 5 secondary schools;
  • 4 middle schools.
  • 14 municipal autonomous preschool education institutions.
  • Centre of harmonic development of children “Raduga” (“Rainbow”).
  • Municipal autonomous education institution centre of additional education of children “Pulse”.
  • State education institution for children, who need psychological–pedagogical and medical–social help.
  • Centre of psychological–pedagogical rehabilitation and correction No. 2.

Two professional education institutions:

  • OAOU SPO “College of service and management”;
  • Valday branch of FGOU SPO “Novgorod agrotechnical school”.

21 club establishments, a children’s school of arts, 2 museums, a house of folk art, 20 library institutions function in the district.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential

The structure of the industry of the district is composed of:

  • optical–electronic manufacture;
  • machine building;
  • timber and woodworking industry;
  • extraction of useful minerals;
  • generation and distribution of electrical energy, gas, steam and water.

The share of processing manufactures (without small enterprises) in the total volume of production of goods and services equalls 30 %, extraction of useful minerals — 2%, generation and distribution of electrical energy, gas and water — 68%.

The main industrial enterprises in Valday town are:

  • CSC (closed stock company) “Jupiter” plant — manufacture of optical products;
  • LLC “Valday mechanical plant” — manufacture of pumps;
  • LLC “Valdaylesstroy” — stocking up, processing of timber, manufacture of houses of sized logs;
  • FGU IK-4 — wood working, metal working, manufacture of food products, sewn garments;
  • CSC “Valday” — canned fruits and vegetables;
  • LLC “Valdaynerud” — washed sand of 0-5 mm fraction; gravel of 5-20 fraction;
  • MP “Printing house” — forms, labels.

95 small enterprises perform their activities.

5 agricultural enterprises work on the territory of the district. There are 39 farms. 2 enterprises process agricultural products.

CSC APF “Vozrozhdeniye–S” rears fish.

Investment potential

The state of the investment climate is one of the most important indices of the general economic situation and perspectives of development of Valday municipal district.

19 sites located on the territory of the district, with different degrees of equipment with engineering infrastructure, offered for placement of new manufactures, are included into database “Free industrial areas of Novgorod region”. The total area of investment sites equals 283 hectares. 4 sites are municipal property, 12 are on the lands of settlements, 3 are private property, 4 on agricultural lands.

In the year 2012 16 projects with the total volume of investments 5971.1 million rubles are in the investment phase. Creation of 456 work positions during realization of the projects is planned. The investment phase has been completed for 2 projects of the total cost 315.2 million rubles. 40 work positions have been created.

Branches of “Sberbank Rossii” (“Savings bank of Russia”), Open stock company “Rosselhozbank”, which execute operations of mortgage crediting, granting of credits for buying of vehicles, urgent needs. Three consumer cooperatives have been created and work in Valday.

Development of industrial manufacture, agriculture, building of housing are priority directions of attraction of investments.

The Administration of Valday district plans goal–oriented attraction of financial resources for realization of significant investment projects, development of business contacts with financial–credit institutions.

Interaction of the state power organs and local authorities for rendering of assistance to investors in realization of investment intentions, accompaniment and monitoring of the investment projects significant for the economy of Valday municipal district.


1015 km of automobile roads, including 60 km of a federal road (Moscow – Saint–Petersburg route), 499 km of regional roads, 456 km of district roads, 2.1 % of the population live in settlements, which have not regular transport communication with the centre of the district.

55.6 % of the houses of the disrict are equipped with water pipe–lines, 55.6 % of the houses are equipped with water removal (canalization), 55.4 % are equipped with central heating, 93.5 % are supplied with gas (through the pipe–line and liquefied).

A series of target programs has been adopted for farther development of the engineering infrastructure in the district:

Target program “Provision of Valday municipal district with gas supply for the years 2011–2013”.

The program is realized in compliance with the Federal law of the 31 of March of the year 1999 No. 69-FZ “About gas supply in the Russian Federation”, the Federal law of the 6 of October of the year 2003 No. 131-FZ “About the general principles of organization of local government in the Russian Federation”.

The total volume of financing of the Program equalls 174.31 million rubles, including per years:

  • 2011 — 58.71 million rubles;
  • 2012 — 50.90 million rubles;
  • 2013 — 64.70 million rubles.

The volumes of financing of the Program may be adjusted after approval of the regional budget and the budget of the municipal district for the next financial year.

The general control over realization of the Program is exercised by the department of housing and communal facilities of the Administration of Valday municipal district.

Long–term target program “Complex development of the water supply and water removal infrastructure in Valday municipal district for the years 2011–2015”.

The program is realized in compliance with the Federal law of the 30 of March of the year 1999 No. 52-FZ “About the sanitary and epidemiologic welfare of the population”; the Federal law of the 10 of January of the year 2002 No. 7-FZ “About protection of the environment”.

The total volume of financing of the Program equalls 20.46 million rubles, including per years:

  • 2012 — 8.96 million rubles;
  • 2013 — 8.50 million rubles;
  • 2014 — 1.0 million rubles;
  • 2015 — 2.0 million rubles.

In the course of realization of the Program the part of the population, which consumes potable water of due quality, will be increased.

Development of communication for the years 2011–2013:


Measures in the year 2011

Measures in the year 2012

Measures in the year 2013

Internet technologiesIntroduction and farther development of digital television transmitted through internet channels.Increase of the quantity of users by 20% from the level of the year 2010.
Mobile communicationDevelopment of the mobile wireless communication network.
TelephonyConduction of works of capital repairs of the interstation networks in the directions of villages Shuya and Yazhelbitsy.Conduction of works of capital repairs of the interstation networks between villages Krasilovo, Yedrovo, Novaya Sitenka.

Increase of the coverage zone with the possibility of expansion by means of:

  • building up of the power of the transmitters and introduction of new ones.
  • • installation of a receiving station of satellite television and radio broadcasting on the cable broadcasting objects in Valday town.

The activity on transmission and distribution of electrical energy, gas and water in Valday municipal district is conducted by a branch of OSC (open stock company) “Novgorod regional municipal electrical networks”, “Valday electrical networks” branch of OSC “Novgorodenergo”, Valday branch of LLC MP ZhKH “Novzhilcommunservice”, Valday branch of LLC “Gazprom gazoraspredeleniye Velikiy Novgorod” (“Gazprom gasdistribution Velikiy Novgorod” and Valday LPU MG LLC “Gazprom transgaz Saint–Petersburg”. The index of industrial manufacture till the year 2015 will equal 139.0 % according to the investment scenario.

Contacts of the persons, who are responsible for the investment activity

First assistant of the Head of the Administration of the municipal district
Gavrilov Yevgeny Aleksandrovich
Phone: +7 (81666) 2-31-44.

Chief specialist of the economic development committee
Kukushkin Yevgeny Vladimirovich
Phone: +7 (81666) 2-39-88.

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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