Investment passport of Volotovsky district

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Volot district, with its glorious past, is bound to have a glorious future.

Our district is one of the most ecologically clean districts of the Novgorod region. Timberwood, largespaces of agricultural lands, discovered deposits of peat, sandstone, boulders and dolomitic rocks constitute the wealth of Volot's land.

The Volot district administration guarantees the potential investors the best conditions for condusting the successful business: expedited issue solving, process transparency, open discussion. We are very interested in your business being effective, long-running and secure, feeding the local budget with taxes to improve the district's economy and life quality of it's citizens.

The district may still suffer from yet unsolved problems, but the positive development dynamics is already self-evident. That gives us hope of a secure future and social and economic prosperity.

We invite you to join us in long-term and fruitful partnership. We are sure that Volot district will open up new horizons in your business development.

Alexander Ivanovich Lyzhov
Head of the Volot district.


Historical information

Volotovsky district is a land of ancient history, traditions and customs and significant development potential.
The district is located in the south-western part of the Novgorod region in the watershed of three river groups of  Ilmen's basin; the Psizhy and the Perehody directly flowi into the lake Ilmen, the Snedgy and the Ramtnka  run into the river Polist; the Severka andthe Coloshy  flow into the river Shelon.

In the southern part of the district near the Lake Dolzhinskoe there was  a settlement Krivichi the population jd which is most likely  to consist of representatives of the tribe "Krivichy", who came from Belarus and the  Ukraine. In all, near 40 archaeological sites which have a long, and probably ancient history have been saved in the district.

At that time the main occupation of the population  were fishing and farming. The soil jf the district is largely suitable for growing crops, the settlers saw long ago.

The country, the station and the village with the same name Volot actively developed the flax cultivation, and so the origin of the district center name Volot is often associated with the word "Volot" that is yarn fiber. But there are other versions of name origin.

The ending of the word "Volot" is hard and  the form "Voloty" is also used. "Voloty" means giants, huge and  tall people, indicating the connection with ancient heroes. The last community of the tribe could disappear in Volot.

For the first time Volotovsky district was formed as a political unit in 1927. The district in the current boundaries was restored in 1965.

Geographic characteristic

The territory of the district is adjacent to the south–western border of Novgorod region. The municipal district borders: in the east on Staraya Russa municipal district, in the north on Shimsk municipal district, in the west with Soletsk municipal district, in the south on Poddorye, in the south–west on Dno district of Pskov region, in the south–east on Dedovichi district of Pskov region.

The territory of the district is 995.1 km².

The quantity of population of Volot district equalled 5,399 people, about 3.3 thousand people of working age, for the 1 of January 2012. The density of the population is 5.4 persons per 1 km².

There are 3 villages in the district.

The administrative center of the district Volot village is at the distance of 124.7 kilometres from the regional center Velikiy Novgorod town, 40 kilometres from Staraya Russa and Soletsk towns.

Octyabrskaya railroad passes on the territory of the district. It is easy to get to Moscow, Saint–Petersburg, Pskov and Tver by it.

The river drainage network of the district is developed weakly. Small rivers Psizha, Perehoda, Snezha, Koloshka and Severka rises in the district. All of them belong to the basin of Ilmen lake. There are three small lakes of swamp type within the limits of the district near its western border, the biggest lake Dolzhino has area of 130 hectares. The swamps and very boggy plots occupy 20-25% of the territory of the district and they belong mainly to river water divides. The biggest swamp massifs are in the south of the district.

The territory of Volot municipal district is characterized with a favourable state of the nature. Big industrial installations, which pollute the nature in the district, are absent.

The potential of resources and raw materials

The vegetation of the district belongs to the south taiga zonule. Up to 50-60% of the territory is occupied with mixed forests (birch, fir–treеs, pine–trees and aspen) with deciduous sorts prevailing. The total area of the forests is 57.1 thousand hectares, 88% of them are deciduous sorts.

The prospected resource base of useful minerals of the district is weak and is represented with fields of carbonaceous rocks of insignificant volume (6,932 thousand tonnes), sand materials, building sands (285 thousand m³) and peat (13,154 thousand m³).

The chemical composition of peat bogs presumes their use mainly in the capacity of a mean, which improves the fertility of soils, and as the agricultural production develops in the district, this natural wealth will be demanded.

The total area of Volot municipal district in the administrative borders as of 01.01.2012 equalled 99.5 thousand hectares.

 The land fund distribution:

Land types

Area, hectares


Agricultural land3100831,2
Land redistribution fund 9670х
Settlement Land 89418,9
The areas occupied by Industry, energy, transportation, communications, radio, television, computer, space activity, defense, security and other special purpose5910,6
Forest land5709057,4
Water fund land650,1
Reserve land18151,8
Total for the administrative boundaries99510х

Social characteristics

The population size and the labor force structure:





The resident population (annual average), in total574155015426
Including the rural population574155015426
The economically active population3 2003 1003 100
The number of persons employed in the economy, in total2 9002 9002 900
including persons employed in the large and medium organizations1 000900900
The number of unemployed persons registered with the Employment Service512422
The registered unemployment rate1,55 %0,8 %0,7 %
The average monthly wage in large and medium-sized enterprises12037,2 roubles13240,0 roubles14373,3 roubles

Health care

Medical services in the Volotovsky municipal area are provided by the   local medical service authority  "Volotovsky Hospital", which is composed of 1 outpatients' department for 150 visits per shift and 9 first-aid stations. 5  doctors and 48 employees of nursing staff carry out the medical care.

They continues works on the priority project "Health", fighting disease, which  are dangerous for public health of the district.


The structure of the educational institutions in the district ensures the availability of pre-school and secondary education.

There are 5 secondary schools in the district.  A special pride of the district is "Secondary school of the village Volot".

The district has a multidisciplinary institution of additional education "Municipal autonomous institution of additional education for children " Children Education Center", implementing 17 additional educational programs for 4 directions.


Municipal body of culture "Volotovsky intra-settlement socio-cultural complex", which includes nine of clubs, municipal budget organization "Intra-settlement Volotovskaya Central Library System" with 9 branches and Children's Art School provide the services in public recreation.


For physical culture and sports the district has a sport complexes, 6 gymnasiums and 8 sports fields. Football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, tae kwon do are actively developed in the district.

Economic and investment potential

Economic potential


Volotovsky district is mainly agricultural region. Its agricultural sector has a leading position in the district economy.

Main areas of agricultural production is the cultivation of crops and livestock development.

Agricultural production in the district is carried out by 3 (peasant) farms, 4 individual entrepreneurs, 2134 personal subsidiary farms and two agricultural organizations.

The total area of agricultural land in the district is more than 29 thousand hectares, including more than 16 hectares of arable land, arable land is used by 29.9 percent.

Structure of sown areas in the district and the average yield in 2011:


Area sown crops (ha)

Gross yield in 2011, tonnes

Crop capacity, centners / ha

Cereal crops2523707433,7

The situation in the livestock complex at 01/01/2012:

PurposeThe number of livestock at 01/01/2012Manufactured products in 2011 /% by 2010
Milk1828 / 95,7
Meat166 / 100

In 2011 the index of physical volume of agricultural production was 125.3% in 2010.


The industry in the district is presented only by small businesses: LLC "Volotovsky Production Plant ", consumer society "Volothleb", JSC "Polyform", LLC "Novbioprom".

Sales of own production in 2011 was 46.2 million, or 145% compared to 2010.

LLC "Volotovsky Production Plant " produces dairy products (cheese, butter, condensed milk, spreads).
Consumer society "Volothleb" produces about 30 kinds of bread and pastry with not long term storage.
LLC "Novbioprom" engages in production of microbial protein feed, premixes, feed vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.


21 apartments with a total area 1547 square meters, including 16 apartments with a total area of 1276 sq.m for the individual developers expense are commissioned in 2011. New housing area per capita in 2011 was 0.28 square meters.

The extension to the kindergarten with 30 seats., 196.6 m gas pipelines Volot - Soltsy, 155 m outdoor supply grain for drying complex with provender milling area of LLC "Novgorod bacon" are commissioned in 2011.
In accordance with the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation,  the territorial planning scheme of Volotovsky municipal district was approved. The master plans of Gorsky  rural settlement and Slavitinsky rural settlement were also approved.

In 2012, the following projects are under implementation:

  • construction of "home operator" and gas-distribution station,
  • shop building with total area of 521.38 square meters at the expense of individual entrepreneurs,
  • construction of mobile gas boilers in v. Volot,
  • construction of farm for the  fattening of 36.6 thousand  pigs.

The district administration develops the project of "Low pressure gas pipeline" for houses in Starorusskaya st., Builders' st.,Tashkent st., Red st. of v. Volot.

Health Market

Total number of trading companies at 1.09.2012 is 64 points of sale, including: 53 shops, 4 shopping pavilions, four auto shops of the Volotovsky consumer society and 3 pharmacies. 34 retail facilities from their total number belong to Volotovsky local consumer society.

The district has 11 public catering, 6 of them are catering of the Volotovsky local consumer society.

At 01.10.2012 availability of retail space in the district  amounted 479.2 square meters per 1,000 inhabitants.
The organized and existing universal retail market for 20 retail spaces and agricultural retail market for 5 trading places work in the municipal district.

The Volotovsky local consumer society takes the leader position.

Investment potential

For the purpose of capital investment in the economy of the district its administration body  will  retain guarantees of condition stability for enterprises, implementing investment projects in the district.

The priority areas of investments in the medium term are:

  • agriculture,
  • housing,
  • production sphere,
  • development of tourism.

We will continue the implementation of investment projects:

  • "Production of crops by intensive technologies, followed by purification and drying on grain drying complex", LLC "Novgorod bacon".
  • "Construction of a farm for fattening  of 36.6 thousand pigs  near the village Volot of Volotovsky district", LLC "Novgorod bacon".
  • Petrol station construction  of LLC "Novgorod Fuel campaign".
  • Construction of gas distribution networks in the district center.
  • Construction of the heating system of v. Volot.
  • Construction of "Digital Broadcasting Station".

The district has the tax benefits set by the regional law  № 654-OZ, "About state support of business organizations in the territories of Batetsky, Volotovsky, Marevsky, Parfinsky, Poddorsky districts and empowering local governments of Novgorod region by certain state powers to provide state support to businesses" dated 21.12.2009.

The district has convenient transportation and geographical location: the district center - v. Volot is situated at 80 km. from V. Novgorod, at 40 km.  from the Soltsy town, at  40 km away from the town Staraya Russa; the trunk-railway Pskov - Moscow runs through the area, connects it to other areas, regions of Russia, has access to the CIS and Baltic countries, Scandinavia; the district has available land, it is ecologically clean region; the gas supplying of the district is carried out.


The transport system

The length of roads within the municipal area Volotovsky is 190 km including of 56 km of regional roads:

  • with asphalt and cement coating — 100.4 km;
  • gravel and macadam coating — 61.9 km;
  • unpaved roads — 27.7 km.

The separate division Volot LLC "Car" provides  the transport services in the district.

The railway Dno — Volot — Bologoye passes the district and it is the way to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Electric power supply

The power supply of Volotovsky municipal area is centralized. The owners of the power supply network is an open joint stock company "MRSK Severo-West" of "Novgorodenergo", and Open Joint Stock Company "Novgorodoblkommunelektro" in v. Volot. The  network length is: high-tension transmission line10 kV - 234 km, high-tension transmission line 0.4 kV - 178 km. In total there are  128 transformer substations with capacity from 25 kV to 400 kV. The average actual download of transformers in winter  is maximum 24%.

Power supply 10 and 0.4 kV is largely met by air, bare wires, built since 1973.

All electrical lines are in satisfactory condition. Currently, the power network complex in Volotovsky municipal area meets the needs of consumers, and its further development will depend on the emergence of new consumers.

Gas supply

Natural gas in the municipal area was entered in October 2011.

Measures for the area gasification started in 2006. Gas pipeline was built with four gas outlets. Two gas outlets is for s. Volot,  one -for  v. Volot and one - for v. Ratitskie Gorki. The pipelines to boilers of the housing and communal services № 2 and № 4. In 2011 we implemented the construction of a gas pipeline branch from the main pipeline Valdai - Pskov - Riga passing near the village of Tochka to the s. Volot with the construction of an automated gas distribution stations and jperator's house in s. Volot, that can provide the district by gas.

According to the target program "Gasification Volotovsky vunicipal area  for 2012-2015" we plan further gasification of the population and boilers.

Water supply

Water supply is produced by a seperate confined wells, the water towers are fed by this water or by  their own wells.. The length of the existing water supply network in the district is 40.3 km: their wear is 85%.

Communication and Telecommunication

The district has all the modern means of communications. There is an automatic long-distance and international telephone, telegraph, fax, e-mail, Internet, four mobile operators: JSC "MegaFon", JSC "Telecom XXI" (MTS), Tele 2, Beeline.

The district has 7 post-offices.

Financial infrastructure


  • Additional office № 01522 of Novgorod OSB № 8629 Saving Bank of the Russian Federation.

Insurance companies:

  • Representative office of "ASKO-Novgorod" insurance company.
  • Mission branch of JSC "UralSib Insurance Group".
  • Insurance Department of  Joint Stock Company "Rosstrakh-Novgorod".

There are no leasing and auditing firms in the district.

Contact persons in charge of investment activity

Registered office of the Administration of Volotovsky municipal area:
175100 s.Volot, Novgorod region, Komsomolskaya st., 38

Site of the municipal area:


Head of Administration of the Volotovsky municipal district
Lyzhov Aleksandr Ivanovich
+7 (81662) 61-072.

First  Deputy of Administration Head
Fedorov Sergey Vladimirovich
+7 (81662) 61-084.

Head Deputy of the municipal district
Ivanova Irina Sergeyevna
+7 (81662) 61-201.

Head Deputy of the municipal area in Social Affairs
Vasilyev Aleksandr Alekseyevich
+7 (81662) 61-341.

Morozova Larisa Yevgenyevna
+7 (81662) 61-086.

Economic Committee of municipal district Administration
Dmitriyeva Natalya Fedorovna
+7 (81662) 61-345.

Chairman of the Committee in Housing and Construction of the municipal district Administration
Orlova Lidiya Anatolyevna
+7 (81662) 61-666.

Agriculture Committee of  Municipal District Administration
Petrova Tatyana Alekseyevna
+7 (81662) 61-337.

Contact person Responsible for informing investors about the site and advise on investment potential
Dmitriyeva N.F.
+7 (81662) 61-345.

Map of municipal districts

Reception desk: room 438.
Fax: +7 (8162) 773-878.
Phones: +7 (8162) 731-990; 736-354.
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